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Thankful Thursday- #Commenthour!

I was featured last night for #commenthour!!!!! cannot believe it!
but I have proof! :-)

and there is more!

there are even more than what is shown too!

#Commenthour is great fun. I am thankful for the new blogs I have been able to discover and the new twitter friends I have found. A whole bloggy, twittery community. It allows blogging to be much more fun than talking to a void.

It made me evening and I am hoping the high carries me through today.

Also… 7 days until my family comes in town for cruise!
If you want to check out the full list of featured blogs last night it can be found here!
not sure what #commenthour is? Visit the #commenthour website to find out more info. Essentially it is a twitter comment party on Wednesdays from 8:30-9:30 CST 


It is great to remember the little things in life that make you happy more regularly than only in November!

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Wordless Wednesday Whirl #2

Cant wait to see your Wordless Wednesday… what would you say about my picture?
Come back on Friday to read about what the picture is and why it was selected.


Happy Sundae! Part 2

mmmm Sundae toppings. They are the extra touch that makes the ice cream sparkle. They give it color and make it beautiful!
Yesterday I posted Happy Sundae! Part 1. Essentially tips on how I threw an Ice Eyes Cream Party. That post really focused on the food portion of my event. But there was so much more to it.

Eye color tray
My Eyes Cream Party was a way that I showcased the new summer products. ** 
Does the tray look familiar? It is the same type I used for toppings. Eye color and toppings serve the same purpose. To make your eyes sparkle and to add color and to enhance your beauty. 
This is what my main MK table looked like
You can see that I have the balloon cone ice cream highlighted yesterday in this area. I also have the eye color tray front and center with the coordinating page of the catalog open in front of it.
Going from left to right, I then displayed the current bundle, again with its corresponding page.
Next I display the actual colors, with a key that shows you the name and the location of each color. I think this is important since the ink in a book cant capture sparkle and tone very well.
I then showcased the limited edition items. I did this, again, by showing the corresponding page in the catalog and making them pretty.
Small details you may have missed along the way… The color scheme stayed fluent through all areas. The bowl that I served ice cream in, is also the holder for eye liner samples. There are ice creams on the outside of the eye color tray in the corners and there is one on the vase ribbon right above.
These small details allow everything to be connected.
I also had a table where everyone sat to look at put on their eye make up. How did I bring in ice cream into this area? 

With a fun, fitting center piece of course!
I used one of the sundae glasses to hold the pens. Another element pulling the pieces together.
All together, the Eyes Cream Party was a success. The house felt fun, and put together just like the ladies looked when they left. We also ate ice cream! lol
Here is a large view of both areas, so you can see how close they were and how important it was they flow
If you are curious about the art over the fireplace you can read the DIY-artwork for info. And there will be a post soon about the “We’re all MAD here”
And as people walked out, they were able to get a catalog…
from the Dresser! looks so good!
So that is how I put together my Eyes Cream Party. I am going to send out some questionnaire cards to get feed back from those who came for improvement. I am looking forward to that feed back on how to improve!
but for now…
the ice cream is all gone!

Legal Disclaimer:
**In no way is this post an advertisement for Mary Kay, Inc. or any of their products, nor is it endorsed by Mary Kay, Inc. The goal and purpose of this post is to share my ideas on how I presented products. 
However, if you do want to shop me online: you can do it here.


Happy Sundae! Part 1

okay okay… I know it is monday. But who doesn’t love Sundaes!
On Sunday I threw an Ice Eyes Cream Party. I have split this blog into two parts. Today will be about the actual food and the Ice Cream part of the event and tomorrow I will share how the Eye Cream Party mixes in and how I made the two events cohesive.

The first thing to be aware of when planning any theme event… is shop around and find some deals! Planning events ahead of time really helps! Remember my Big Savings Thankful Thursday, that shopping was for this event!
You can see my theme color was pink.♥   As a general rule in decorating you want to try and have odd numbers. So I tried to have sets of similar items.
What makes and ice cream party? the sprinkles and the syrups!
I was pleasantly suprised by how little I needed to make the tray look full and to have it still be functional with out a lot of excess. 
Less Than 2 oz!
I shop at Aldi from time to time when I dont have my coupon book up to date or I just need an item right away and dont have a coupon. At Aldi they sell containers of sprinkles for around $2-$3! That might sound like a lot but sprinkles are usually expensive because they are so loved. I had a rainbow and a chocolate set that I pulled from to make my tray.
Everything set on my bar nicely. The few things pictures here that were not purchased from Joann inclue the ice cream scoops and the pink spoons on the far right in the sundae dishes. Those items came from Party City. The scoops were 99¢ each and the spoons were 99¢ for a pack of 25.
I also made this really cute balloon cone.
I got the idea from Living Locurto‘s blog about imagine this Ice Cream Party Ideas. I had intended on stringing them up or putting them on strings like their’s but making that cone was hard! So only one. and that little cookie cutter was keeping him from rolling off the mantle. lol
The ice cream I served was Vanilla, Chocolate, the rainbow sherbet. I encouraged people to bring their own if they wanted. No one did, and no one needed to there was plenty.
The toppings I had included:
  • mini marshmallows
  • chopped pecans
  • chocolate chips
  • chocolate sprinkles
  • rainbow  non-pareils
  • candy covered chocolate drops
  • chocolate paradise crunch
  • Carmal Syrup
  • Chocolate Sryup
  • Strawberry Sryup
  • Butterscotch Syrup
I bought Smuckers because it was on sale and I had a coupon… but let me tell you I love this no mess bottle. It really did stop it from dripping and the cap is not sticky!
There were more things I wanted to do. And if the event were larger I may have. But for the amount of people that came over it was perfect.

Come back tomorrow to find out how the Ice Cream Party became and Eyes Cream Party


DIY Saturday- Artwork

I know this morning’s post about time travel said that everyday doesn’t need to be a theme… but come-on… it is DIY Saturday!
Collage Art!
I love having art in my house… but art is expensive. Today I’ll explain how easy it was to make this collage. It is a focal point in my home above a fireplace and it gets many compliments.
  • Art print or poster. it can be anything, doesnt have to be floral. I found mine at a Hobby Lobby on sale
  • Frames by using frames that are the same color it adds cohesion to the collage. Day after thanksgiving is a great time to get frames. I got a few sets of 11 frames for $11. it had 5 sizes. I only used 4 sizes for my collage. I got them at Walmart…midnight madness.
    • 8X10
    • 5X7
    • 4X6
    • 3.5X5
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Nails and Hammer for picture hanging
Use caution when doing this project. You may choose to use gloves. The glass in the frames is SHARP!

1.     Get a print. Lay it out. Study what areas you are interesting in highlighting.

note: this is not the print pictured above my fireplace

2.     Take your frames apart. Setting aside the frame and carefully setting the glass on the print. save the picture perfect family photos that were in the frames to be used on another step

3.     Move the glass over the areas you would like to highlight. Be careful. the glass can cut you AND it can leave scraps in the print.
4.     Trace around your grass with a pen. Make sure you hold the glass securely down so it will not move. I used a permanent marker to this. You will not see the lines when you are done.
5.    Once traced, put your glass carefully back into the frame. Cut out your traced images. Put them back in your frames. 
6.     Get your picture perfect family back out. Use these inserts to decide where on the wall you want your art to hang. Take in mind the insert does not have the frame width. I taped the inserts into the wall and then I put finishing nails or hanging nails straight through the paper.
I dont have a picture of this step because I did it more than a two years ago.

I did end up having to move one frame after it was done to fill a gap, but overall it worked very well. 
If you decide to do this craft. Please let me know. I would love to see it and how it turned out!
Now maybe you dont have frames, you dont like all my bold cautions or you cant really find a print you like.
Via pintrest (a great site to store your online inspiration!) I saw a pin for shoe box art. I went through a few pins to get to the source (pet peave: always pin back to the source not a link to the source)
I found Spunky Junky! I am already in love with this blog and the creativity over there. you have to check it out!
 This was a very low cost project with no bold glass warnings and it looks fabulous!
tip: if you dont have shoe box lids… stop into a Payless ShoeSource… they throw them away all the time. Being Green never looked so cute!
Now maybe you are thinking… those are great!  but i’m not crafty :-(
Then go over to Ramble Ramble to check out a great post: 

6 Ways to Start An Art Collection Without Breaking the Bank

if you are looking for professional art and don’t know where to start [giggle that rhymes] start there! the tips are practical and ones I wouldn’t have considered.
Happy Saturday Everyone. 
What are you planning on DIYing today?
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Time Travel

Every Saturday cant be a DIY day, just like everyday of a blog cant only be a theme. And I love a good theme. That is true in writing…and party planning.
I think a theme should be carried through from invite to thank you note. But if the theme doesnt reflect the person or the event than you learn nothing about them and everything is a loss.
I thought of this today when trying to decide what DIY to post. I have several, many some completed, many not…true DIY style. It then occured to me if I only post DIYs or theme days… you learn very little about me. 
I agree a person can share too much but personal interest and attachment is what keeps me interested in reading the blogs I check into. I like reading about the crafts they do and the pictures are fantastic. But I also like reading about the places they travel to and how they spend time with their family.
It makes them real. 
I am real too. 
Time travel uh…. below are 5 things that take me back to another time in my life. 
  • the scent of honey suckle
  • collecting aluminum cans for recycling
  • squeezing two people into a one person chair
  • ice skating
  • sitting on a small piece of grass surrounded by fake flowers
these things take me back to different places with different people. Some places are happy, some places make me miss the people I look back on. The last allows me to keep everything in perspective and recognize that  life is precious and you have to take time for those you care about… because sometimes that opportunity to “call you back when i’m not busy” never comes.
I challenge you today to take a moment and think of 5 things that time travel you back. Why are those things important to you. What makes those things special?
Have a wonderful day in your time travels.


Finish it Friday

What is Finish it Friday you ask? Great question.
Well dont you hate it when you get started telling a story and something happens and you get cut short. That is kinda what this is. On Wednesday I host a Wordless Wednesday Whirl.
A caption-less picture. A story only half told. I hope that as readership and comments grow Finish it Friday will become an opportunity to highlight captions created by readers on the Wednesday post in addition to sharing with you the story behind the picture.
As you probably guessed it is at a graduation.
But the emotion behind this specific picture needed a Finish it Friday. I sat in those very same chairs nine years ago and saw hats fly above my head. On the day pictured, my youngest sister was sitting in those chairs.
This fall she goes to college to start the path that she has created for herself. To say I am proud of her is like a mother saying she loves her children. It is true but an understatement at a degree unknown to my vocabulary.
My little sister is a high school graduate and a college student now. I remember when she was born. I could go on and on. But that is why this specific graduation is so special to me.
my sister…walking towards her future
(in a dress I sewed for her ;-) )


1 month 1 day old

I cannot believe that it was a month ago yesterday that I started by blog with this post!! I have to give some credit to my friend Brittany over at Ramblings of a Diva… she asked for bloggy friends and I bit!
I already follow a million blogs it seems, I have done a few how-to’s and I have conquered one #commenthour so far! you can follow me on twitter too!
My blog has almost had 100 page views (and I dont count myself on my home or work computer lol)
I know I already posted a Thankful Thursday… but still Thank You so much for those who read and comment and those who are going to try projects… send pictures!


Thankful Thursday- Big Savings

Today I am thankful that sales and my party planning worked together and I was able to save so much money!

This receipt comes from Joann. The normal question when a person saves so much is how much did you spend. 

I spent $63.89.

How did I do it? I bought things on sale and I used a coupon Joann emailed me for signing up to be on their mailing list. They then call you a preferred customer. Its great. Sounds simple… it’s because it is.
Other things to know about Joann… they take digital coupons from your phone. The coupon does not need to be printed. They also honor coupons from competitors (even digital ones). You can use a Joann coupon and competitor coupon in the same transaction.
So what did I buy for $63 and save $157?
I am hosting an Eyes Cream Party this weekend. I will be showcasing new eye color combinations and serving ice cream (stay tuned for a Ice Cream Party post soon)
All the summer inspirations label was 60% off, the patterns were on sale for $1.99 and the cutting supplies were also 60% off. So everything I bought was on sale. (note: that tea cup is my centerpiece not a purchase)
If you plan on throwing an ice cream theme party this would be the time to scout out the supplies. I will be sharing my ice cream inspiration and ideas soon with pictures from this weekend.

It is great to remember the little things in life that make you happy more regularly than only in November!

     Each week write a post on something you are thankful for (and why) and then check the posts of your fellow blog hop members to comment on and share their posts as well. Need inspiration? Check out past Thankful Thursday posts.

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Have you thrown an ice cream party before? Do you have any tips to give before this weekend? 


Wordless Wednesday Whirl

Cant wait to see your Wordless Wednesday… what would you say about my picture?

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If you are interested in creating a moving picture like this one… it was very easy.
I edited my pictures, as always to be rounded (just my preference) and to include my blog name. I did not resize this picture like I normally do. The reason for that was the website that does the animation auto resizes it and I didnt want the image to be too small.
I used to create the moving gif.
If you are curious for the story behind this picture come back for Finish it Friday.