Sunday, February 24, 2013

No Change on the Road to Being Healthy

You might remember my 2013 projects {can see them all here}. Well one of them was to be more healthy. I created a page for my blog planner that is a silhouette of a women with 5 areas to measure on my person. I also have a fancy scale that tells me things like the amount of fat that makes up my body weight and what % that is of my body weight and then my BMI.

BMI isn't everything and either is weight. That is why I chose to also measure inches.

Body Tracker Preview

If you would like to download the pdf of my Body Tracker Page click {here} for a free printable.

I committed to a monthly check in regarding my progress... or lack there of. Even though I did not post beginning numbers in January it doesn't mean I didn't take before picture and measurements. Granted you will not be seeing before pictures until the after pictures are more favorable. {GRIN}

You can see in the image above I have the 5 sections all letters (measured in inches) and then the 4 scale values.



There was no significant changed good or bad really. That leads to the question... did I even try. The answer. No.

I bought this DVD:

Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred

It is really fabulous. I tell you this from my 3 days of consistently using it. {FAIL... I know} It made me sore without demotivating me. And then I took one day off that has now spanned to a few weeks.

I also bought an elliptical. I put it together. And now I own an elliptical  {notice I didn't mention using said elliptical... FAIL... I know}

However today I did download a new app where you run from Zombies called Zombies, Run! {visit their website here} I have an android but I believe it is available for iPhone also. I leashed up Stacy and we went for an hour walk. We were both exhausted at the end of the walk. I would call it a run... but the three small 15 seconds of light jogging I did doesn't count in the scheme of an hour.

The nicer weather, a new shift at work and this new app are my hopes for improvement before I check in again in March.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Pink Panther Cake | Wilton Cake Pan

I am a creature of habit, like most and I was a regular at a local restaurant and one of the wait staff was having a birthday.

She LOVED the Pink Panther... even enough to have a tattoo.

I just happened to own this Wilton Cake Pan:


I got it at a garage sale I found on Craigslist for $10. The pan is retired so you can no longer get it in stores but can often find it on Ebay at garage sales.


It is the 1982 version of the Pink Panther Pan. There have been other years and other versions. If you want to see what other shaped pans Wilton has currently and retired you can. {HERE}

My pan came with the instructions about how much cake batter and how long to cook it but Wilton is pretty great about providing them if lost. Example, here is a link to the Pink Panther instructions. {HERE}




I used regular butter cream frosting and I let it set up a bit. Then I used the smooth side of Viva Paper Towels to smooth the frosting and that allowed it to have the fondant look. There is a pin about that roaming around Pinterest... It does work. I tried it way before I found the pin and love it.

Everything on him is frosting, except the eyes. Those are upside down chocolate chips.

I bought several other cake pans at the same garage sale and haven't used all of them yet. But I LOVE the Wilton pans. Have you ever used one?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Super Why Cupcakes and Smash Cake

When my niece turned two the theme was Super Why. You know Super Why right? Yeah I didn't either, no worries.

Super Why is a show on PBS that is about a group of kids who have alter egos that are super when it comes to reading, the alphabet, math and problem solving.

Super Why Computer

To solve problems they often use a super computer that is almost like a PDA and it looks like the picture above.

I was asked to make the cake. I didn't plan anything else but if you are panning a Super Why Birthday PBS has a whole page of awesome printables and game ideas. {Here}

I made cupcakes with ?? toppers, I used air heads to create the ??s.

Super Why Cupcakes


Super Why Cupcakes 2

After my niece figured out what to do with the smash cake she ate a corner of it.

Super Why Smash Cake

The color in the picture is better there... you can tell it is red and not orange. All the details made on top of the smash cake were also made with air head candy. I baked it in a loaf pan to get the right starting shape.

Thought it turned out pretty well.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

17 Faces Found!

I posted a puzzle I found on FB during the wee hours of the morning the other day.

The challenge was how many faces can you find in the picture below:


My sister and I went back and forth and I found 17. She called me crazy... so here is where I found them...

10 Faces



Here are where I found the basic 10 that it seemed like most people were able to find with little trouble.

Five More Faces Found



Then I found these five faces. Besides that weird wrinkly baby face it was mostly extension of chins and a different mouth... still a new face!

Two More Faces Found!




These two are more of a stretch but I can clearly see the chin, mouth, nose and eyes...


So there you have it. That is where I found my 17 faces. Can you see them all now That I have   highlighted them or do you think it was sleep deprivation making me see things?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

How Many Faces Do You See

In a bout of insomnia last night i saw this picture.


The question as you might have grassed was how many faces do you see. The poster claimed to have found only 3. My sister went back and forth for a while {guess she couldn't sleep either, and she is two hours behind me} I decided i wanted to know how many you see and then I'm going to post a highlighted picture showing where all the faces I see are. Happy hunting.

UPDATE: To see how many faces I found click {here}

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Traveling Cone of Shame

here at BitOfByrd today is a...

Super Cute Pet Saturday


Snow Cone Puppy

My snow cone pup Stacy is wishing all of you on the east coast the best. {picture: 12/26/12}

Stacy Roxy Sleeping


Stacy and Roxy are both hoping that you have someone to snuggle and keep you warm. {picture: 02/02/13}


The era of the cone ended today. Both pets are now fixed and healed. Back to life and activity as normal... or those were the words the vet used. :-)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Owl Be Missing You This Valentines Day | Cricut Card

Did you see the really cute cards I made for the Valentines Card Exchange I am a part of? Well check them out {here}. After making those I realized I didn't want to make a whole bunch for other people in my life but I didn't want to leave my sisters out.

So I made my sisters these Owl Be missing you Cards.

Owl Cricut Card

This is what the card looks like from the front. I made it using my Cricut. I used the Cricut Cartridge, "Just Because" Cards to make the owl. He is supposed to be a small accent on a card.

But I saw this awesome pin the other day...


I thought it was GENIUS and the perfect idea for my sister's valentine cards.

I cut the owl at 14.5 in and used the same size for all the coordinating pieces. I then cute two shadows at 13 in.

One shadow was actually used for the shadow behind the shape. The other shadow was used like the pin explained to make the card.

By using the 13in Shadow and the 14.5 in card it fit PERFECTLY into an A2 envelope!

I also used some of my Stickles Glitter Glue to Jazz it up.

Owl Card Sentiment

On the inside I wrote "Owl be missing you this Valentines Day"

Owl Card

There is is all cute standing up!

Just about the cutest card ever! and SO easy once I figured out the correct size.

Other supplies I used were my Scotch ATG {Advanced Tape Glider}, Zig 2-Way Chisel Glue Pen, and 3-d Dots Adhesive Foam Squares. These are three supplies that I consider basics when making cards!

I got my second valentine from the exchange in the mail today! It is sooo cute! Cant wait to share it with you and am even more excited to get the next ones!


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Oversized Valentine Felt Envelopes

Don't you love it when you see something and you think... psh... I can make something like that. I'll tell you a secret I receive the PB and PBKids catalog just to troll for things I like that I might be able to create myself. I do love their stuff. But they are often so pricey. This project is a great example.

$23 for one decoration or $10 for 3 similar decorations.... Bet you can guess which one stole my heart.

PB Kids had a cute heart chair backer in their catalog recently.

PotteryBarnKids Heart Chair Back


Isn't that cute?! $16 each plus $7 for customization cute? Yeah... I didn't think so either.

Then I saw on Pinterest:


Isnt that super cute and very similar? But I really didn't want to sew anything. Then I saw this pin:


Now we are talking! I choose this inspiration to do my Valentine Envelopes.

I started with the following Supplies:

♥ Large Felt Sheets {like legal size paper} found them at Hobby Lobby for 79 cents a sheet or something cheap like that ♥ Needle and Embroidery floss of a coordinating color ♥ Hot glue gun ♥ Ribbon or Rick Rac ♥ Rotary Cutter or Scissors to cut the felt ♥♥Optional: Plate to trace; Stickers

This is what the felt looks like raw.

Felt Materials


The red are the large size and the white I simple cute exactly in half. The piece you keep large will be your back and envelope flap. The piece you cut in half is your envelope front. I choose to have them not match.

Fold over base piece


I matched the bottom edges of the white and the red felt and then folded the red so it had that smmmmaalll tinny gap at the top of the envelope. Felt keeps the fold like a break so try to only fold once.

Use Plate to Create Flap


Then I placed my cutting mat under the red but on top of the white. {don't want to cute the white} and used a serving platter to create a rounded even edge. I used my rotary cutter to make the cute. I literally just cute around the plate. I didn't draw a line.

Envelope Flap


Presto Chango. I am left with a great circular edge. {Sorry my pictures are all wanky. I was trying new settings on my camera}

Glue Ribbon to Felt


Next, I glued my ribbon on the edge of the back fabric. I tried to have it hang over the edge halfway.

Why didn't I use rick rac? {Great question!} I couldnt find it at the price I was willing to pay. This ribbon was 2/$3 so I got pink and red.

Add Ribbon to Flap


Then I glued the ribbon to the flap of the envelope. Make sure you pinch it a few times going around the corner or the ribbon wont sit flat.

I also glued the top felt piece on with small dots in the corners.

Add Stictching


Using embroidery floss and my needle and I did wide stitches. This holds the front and back together even though we only did a few glue dots.

Velcro Dot Closure


I also glued a Velcro dot to the front of the envelope. This allows the envelope to stay closed. I did not glue the matching dot to the envelope flap. Only the scratchy part of the Velcro was used.

How did I make that little heart on the envelope flap? Like this...

Use Sticker to Emroider Heart


I picked where I wanted the shape to be and I used a sticker as my guide.

Embroidered Heart


And that is how it came out on the front. I made three envelopes and I change the hearts location for each one.

String to Hang from

I also used the embroidery floss to create a hanging thread on the back so they can hang off hooks.


Finished Felt Envelopes


There you have it. Three Valentine envelopes. All 3 cost me less than $10 to make. That is an affordable craft! I just sent these off to my god kids over in Arizona. You might know them... they are The Butterfly Mom's kids. I hope they love them!

And since they actually can open you could put love notes or small treats into them for the kiddos.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DIY Valentine Cards for Card Exchange

I have been looking for a reason to buy myself the Sizzix Texture Boutique Embossing Machine. {I know, I know, who really needs a reason for something new and amazing}

You might remember that I said I was going to participate in a Valentine Card Exchange. This was the perfect reason. I used my 40% off coupon at Michaels and bam. I now owned it. I plan on buying more embossing folders through amazon because they are a little cheaper. Or I might make some of my own using this awesome tutorial I found {here} from Mel Stampz. She uses a cereal box to make it! being green and thrifty. You have to check it out!

Anywhoo, back to how I made my cards for the exchange.

My materials:

♥ Sizzix Machine ♥ Paper Cutter ♥Paper of your choice ♥ Edge punch ♥ Skinny paint brush (I used it to crease the center of the cards for easy folding) ♥ The following stamps: LOVE; Happy Valentines Day; Handmade by: ♥ Stamp ink ♥ Adhesive foam squares  ♥ Cricut (you could use a punch cut or hand-cut instead)

[caption id="attachment_478" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Sizzix Texture Emobssing some of my materials[/caption]

♥♥♥My Paper started at a standard 8.5X11 so I cut it straight in half. This allows it to fit in an A2 envelope.

Cut paper in half

After I cut it in half I scored it in half again using my paint brush. I then punched the corners while it was folded in half so the corners would match.

Then I put the card into my Sizzix and turned the handle and presto change peanut butter and jelly sandwich....

embossing Card

And I had this!

You might have noticed my embossing folder {the plastic thing with cools swirls} is actually a Cuttlebug folder. You can use either brand as long as it is A2 size.

Then I went over to my Cricut and used the George Cricut Cartridge to cut hearts.

Cricut cut hearts

Then I used a stamp to say LOVE

Love Stamps

It is much easier to stamp and edit all the hearts when they are still on the mat. I also decided last-minute to add some silver marker details. I added a line above and below the heart and dots around the edge.

I attached these hearts to the front of the cards with 3-d Dots Adhesive Foam . This gave the card some dimension.

I also stamped the inside with Happy Valentines Day. You could buy a stamp for just that but I have the Martha Stewart Crafts Your Own Stamp Set. So i just put together the letters and save myself a few dollars.

I also Stamped the back of every card with a cute stamp I found that says Handmade by: and it has a little hand!

Handmade by bitofbyrd

I tried to get a good picture but my silver marker didn't want to photograph well.

Three Card Types

So there they are. Three different colors. Cornered punched. All stamped, signed and ready to be enveloped.

I am super excited to be putting these in the mail today. And I already got my first card of the exchange! a super cute post card.

Do you ever make your own Valentine Cards? What methods do you use? Any tips you want to share?