No Change on the Road to Being Healthy

You might remember my 2013 projects {can see them all here}. Well one of them was to be more healthy. I created a page for my blog planner that is a silhouette of a women with 5 areas to measure on my person. I also have a fancy scale that tells me things like the amount of fat that makes up my body weight and what % that is of my body weight and then my BMI.

BMI isn't everything and either is weight. That is why I chose to also measure inches.

Body Tracker Preview

If you would like to download the pdf of my Body Tracker Page click {here} for a free printable.

I committed to a monthly check in regarding my progress... or lack there of. Even though I did not post beginning numbers in January it doesn't mean I didn't take before picture and measurements. Granted you will not be seeing before pictures until the after pictures are more favorable. {GRIN}

You can see in the image above I have the 5 sections all letters (measured in inches) and then the 4 scale values.



There was no significant changed good or bad really. That leads to the question... did I even try. The answer. No.

I bought this DVD:

Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred

It is really fabulous. I tell you this from my 3 days of consistently using it. {FAIL... I know} It made me sore without demotivating me. And then I took one day off that has now spanned to a few weeks.

I also bought an elliptical. I put it together. And now I own an elliptical  {notice I didn't mention using said elliptical... FAIL... I know}

However today I did download a new app where you run from Zombies called Zombies, Run! {visit their website here} I have an android but I believe it is available for iPhone also. I leashed up Stacy and we went for an hour walk. We were both exhausted at the end of the walk. I would call it a run... but the three small 15 seconds of light jogging I did doesn't count in the scheme of an hour.

The nicer weather, a new shift at work and this new app are my hopes for improvement before I check in again in March.