Mondays are the best Vacation day

My birthday was on Friday but I opted to take Monday, today, as a vacation day instead.

Mondays make the best vacation day by far. It is our busiest day at my job. I got to sleep in knowing the world was going to work.
I'm also treating myself to breakfast and lunch. {I'm at breakfast writing this post actually}
Looks good uh!

The rest of the day...I plan on filling my taxes and doing the laundry I put off this weekend and getting the dog groomed.

I did, however, finish all my Valentine cards for the card exchange I'm doing. It made me happy to see a few names on the list that I know. I also finished a Valentine craft.
Be looking for both those parts this week and then we will be jumping right back into Birthday Month posts.

Did you catch the super bowl last night? Did you like the halftime show? I did but it seems like not very many did.

What were your favorite commercials? I'll share mine soon.