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Homecoming Mums are great... but guys need to have bling too. Right?

Apparently so, because guys wear a mini version of the mum and we call it a garter. The garter is worn on the arm with an arm band instead of on a shirt or around the neck.

The concept and how you make it is the very same. You use the same backing, ribbons, trinkets. The garter and mum should match in style.But the garter is typically no longer than 18 inches.

Here is a picture of the arm band. It is stapled onto one of the layers.

Lots of layers... see::
 And you can see how the arm band is sandwiched.

You can get an idea of the difference in size from the new pictures when you compare the yellow ribbon that says "homecoming" in blue.
On the left it is the length of the whole garter. While on the right it is only a small part of the mum.

Well happy Homecoming all. 

In Texas even though I am ten years out of high school I spent last Friday at a football game and I will be taking my sister Brooke to my HS homecoming game the week she is in town. Very excited!

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Homecoming Mums | Garters:: Guys need bling too