Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Whirl #11

Today is semi wordless. I made this using the Digital Scrapbooking Software I am hosting a giveaway for! 
Make sure you enter to win... Or me be coming after yee!!! ARRGGG

MyMemories Giveaway

I am currently hosting this giveaway! 8/29-9/09
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Bit of Byrd

Cant wait to see your Wordless Wednesday... what would you say about my picture?

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I also link to WordlessWednesday
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Monday, August 29, 2011

MyMemories Free Software Giveaway!

That's right... A giveaway! That means...a free chance to win something in case you didn't know!

So what can you win?!

Your own copy of MyMemories Suite Version 2.0.
A great follow up question would be... what is that? or what does it do?

Well MyMemories Suite is a digital scrapbooking software. That means you can sit town and design a whole scrapbook page or a set of pages in no time at all without having the craft room covered in the embellishments and do-dads (I always spill mine...ever happen to you?)

For those of you who love watching videos... go over to Youtube and check MyMemories out.

I personally like paper crafting, but I never seem to get just the right color or I spill everything and there is a big mess. I got to try out the software and you can see the things I made below the entry form.

Entering is simple. Use the form below to get as many as SEVEN chances to win! If you don't win... or you just want wait to find out I also have a promo code available that will get you $10 off the MyMemories software AND $10 credit to the MyMemories Store.... That's a $20 value for using my promo code! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner anyone?! I think so!

Promo Code: STMMMS67

Sunday, August 28, 2011

DIY Saturday | Decorating Glass Rocks

Aren't those cute! And they cost me less than a dollar to make all three!

These glass rocks can be magnets, push pins, or desk trinkets. I did not put the extra stuff to make it a magnet or a push pin... so trinket it is!

I had been wanting to make these a while. My sister last Christmas got a rock painting kit and it was basically these rocks and paint. But they all came out so cute. So when thinking of doing this I Googled to see if anyone had tips. I found Crafty Scrappy Happy's post about it here. She actually did magnets. 

So here's how I made mine...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

DIY Saturday | Blog Signature

I like having personal touches on my blog. I like seeing my favorite colors and topics and my favorite people. Like  so many other people when I see something I like... I often want it too!

When I was brand new, setting up my blog I saw a blog that had this really cute personal signature. And you could tell it wasn't a picture and it may or may not have been their own... but I wanted a signature that showed up by my "posted @... time"

So I emailed that person... on June 1st... and never got a response. I even emailed more than once... I am determined! But no avail. ::sad::

Yesterday in my blog reading I stumbled across Moms Who Blog and her post about a Signature.

So I immediately went over to My Live Signature and set it up. I did two.


The top is created with their stuff and I use that in my blog... but gmail doesnt support html signatures without installing stuff and so I actually wrote the second one using my mouse and that is my email signature.

In addition to using the My Live site I also used BetsShopBoy's post

His post told me how to add my signature to my blogspot template so it would auto show on all past and future posts... and it is in the spot I want!

Overall a great friday night.

I was going to delete the picture signature I had in all my old posts, but I decided not to... history of where I have been and how I did things before.

I have sooo many DIY posts in my head... so there will be one more today, it is going to be the glass rocks as seen on this week's WWW

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tweaking on a Friday Night

Not on drugs silly.... tweaking my HTML on my blog of course!

New things to look at....

My new button!

Bit of Byrd

I will have to go around and update my logo in a few different places.

My facebook page has been updated. Go look... and Like me. 

You did that right????

So I just got notified that I have more than 41 'likers'? NO? Well then go do it! You are missing out on my posts and other blogs that I find and pins. I dont post everything here... it would overwhelm you.

Then I also have a new signature!

you can see it in the bottom right. I will be posting about how I did that... because I saw someone with it... commented how much I liked it... emailed them and asked how they did it... and never heard back ::bah:: So I will share with you the signature secret.

I have soooo many posts I want to share... I need to make a list before I forget!

Oh and I changed my layout on Wednesday... did anyone besides Brittany notice the change?

Traveling to Texas

If you read earlier this week, here, then you know that my sister Brooke is coming to Texas.

This will be my first time to meet her and it will be her first trip to Texas.

I have looked at the calendar and she will be here while the state fair is going on.
 "Howdy folks, Big Tex here"

The state fair is awesome, in my opinion, and I dont often get to go because I am anti going on the weekend when everyone else is there. So the fact I will get to go and share it with my sister... I'm pretty excited. This is the 125th year the state fair has been held!
But I need your help... regardless of whether you live in Texas or don't... What would you want to do or see if you were here? When you think of Texas what do you think of? Leave me comments with your thoughts!

I am located in North Texas, not to far from the state fair... so things like the Alamo aren't necessarily out of the question... but are kinda far.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Finish it Friday- Rocks

This week's WWW

It is essentially a painted rock, like my sister mentioned in her comment.

Be looking for this tutorial tomorrow. This picture was ultra simple, It was actually a sticky note taped to the back of the rock so I could see how it works.

When I do a craft that I haven't tried before I often search around for other crafters that have done it so I can learn from what they did. Because I have never done a craft for the first time and thought, "WOW, that was perfect and I wouldn't change a thing!"

So come back tomorrow for a DIY Saturday!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Sisters


Are you ready to be confused? I often talk about my sister. I often call people by their title and not their name.. so it might seem odd that I have two sisters. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Whirl #10

Cant wait to see your Wordless Wednesday... what would you say about my picture?

I have added some new info about the Wordless Wednesday Whirl. Read about it here.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

See you later, Not goodbye

This past weekend my family and I drove down to help my sister get moved into her dorms.

Monday was her first day of classes. She is officially a college student.

The weekend was long and short and filled with fun and free stuff and tension knowing that we would be leaving her there.

::Sister:: As you read this, I want you to remember how proud I am of you and while you continue reading I don't want you in any way to feel upset or sad.

The week leading up to my sister leaving, each day was harder than the one before to get motivated to do laundry so I could pack for the weekend or do things that I knew would lead up to her leaving. At one point I had to send myself to my room so I could cry, then wash my face and keep going.

The weekend was like that too. There was so much going on there was little time to think about how she was staying and she wasn't going to be at home the next day. I forced myself to sleep most of the drive home because crying was giving me a headache and while my nose was running I had no tissues.

Today at work, I saw via twitter that she had a good time in classes. I cried. She Facebook messaged me. I cried. I left a message for my MK director telling her about my day. I cried. I talked to my aunt. I cried. I write this blog. I cry.

I don't cry because I am sad. I cry because I am so excited for her and yet parts of me are worried. But my sister is smart and knows how to make good decisions. I cry because a large part of me is just barely too far away to hug regularly. I cry because I didn't hug her regularly when she was here.

Maybe I didn't realize it before, but after this summer I know that my sister isn't just my biggest supporter and believer in anything I set my mind to... she is my best friend.

And so this weekend wasn't goodbye... but see you later. and while the time passes between the now and the later I hope that, sister, you fill the time with adventure and friends and fun stories so you will have things to journal, blog and Skype to me about and things to tell me about when you come back.

I know my house isn't home, but you always have a place to stay.

I love you.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Finish it Friday| Cruisin' Cousin

I am actually up this early today! This is not a scheduled post. Crazy I know.

My sister is off to college today, so we are driving down there to get her moved into her dorm and to see what everything is all about. It will be my first time down to San Angelo. So let’s go!

Earlier in the week I posted my WWW post… and it was, as Brittany guessed, pictures from the cruise.

The one that makes me laugh is our attempted jumping picture. The guy who was taking the picture did not understand to hold the button down while we jumped. I had the camera on action mode and I would have been able to capture it… but no deal.

And then the random man picture... well that was the hairest man contest. He didnt even win but he was excited... and not that hairy might I had. But it did make for good entertainment.

I think I like a series of pictures better than one. Considering I will often take over 100-200 pictures in a few hours period of an event... a series is the new thing.

Tomorrow I will share with you an email I sent to Pinterest. lol

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thankful Thursday- Friendship

Growing up my parents told me I was mean and hard on my friends. I look back and then I look around and I think... they were right.

I don't have many friends currently, and I have less friends that have lasted for more than a year. Now don't get me wrong I have plenty of aquantenses and people to spend time with if I choose. And I am blessed with a handful of people that I know I can count on for anything. And a handful is more than some can say.

Today I had to tell someone I thought of as a friend farwell. I might be hard on my friends... I expect "a lot". I expect to be treated with respect and to have my time valued in the same way I try to value theirs.

I dont expect daily phone calls, emails or texts. And I dont get upset when plans change and cancellations occur.

When I am trying to make life changes to become the person I see myself being in the future unfortunalty that means some people are left behind. And so while that makes me sad, because familiar faces often give the best hugs and wipe away the tears no one else sees... I wont be treated like left overs.

So to my friends that I can count on and to the people who are positive and lift me up when I am down. Today I appreciate you. You help me remembering that whether the lining of the cloud is grey or silver is only a matter of the angle I choose to look at it.

Have a great Thursday! 
It is great to remember the little things in life that make you happy more regularly than only in November!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Whirl #9

Doing it a little different this week... instead of one picture. I have a set! But still all wordless.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blogging Rewind

My sister, Apryl and I were discussing about blogs the other day. I am flattered to say she thinks my blog is well put together and has a focus. She said she thinks hers is just ramblings. She writes over at Apryl Can Talk.

I told her when I was in college I blogged, and it was often just mumbo jumbo about nothing. She laughed and said that made her feel better.

While my blog from college is decommissioned, before closing it I did save all the archives.

So today I decided to rewind and share a college post. Spelling errors and all. And what is even funnier... is I found a post that talks about a blog I set my sister up with way back when... talk about a rewind. I doubt she even remembers this.

Monday, August 02, 2004
Hot hot hot
So I set my sister up with a blog a while back but while she was out of town she wasn't allowed to get on the internet bc my grandpa was freaking out over something nothing really new there. But so she couldn't remember the sites and stuff she needed to go to update so now I have them all bookmarked for her in her own little file. she told me that my mom doesn't lie me adding stuff to the favorite. Get over it. At least all my stuff is sorted in files all under my name so it looks neat. She has like 50 items un categorized all loose and it drives me crazy. So I added her to my blog roll. I don't expect it will be the most interesting read ever but if you want to know who the new boy friend is or how junior high is now compared to how it was when you where there this would be the place to go. haha basically it will be like reading her diary and he conversations to her friends. GREAT! The site is called The Fire is Hot HOt HOT! and yes the caps is a progression thing and done on purpose I hope you picked up on that bc my sister did!posted by TL Cat at 10:53 AM|

Oh, goodness. Makes me laugh.... and I clicked on that link from my archives... and it still works! It was a short lived blog for only 3 posts the summer of 2004.  I hope it makes me sister smile like it made me.

I cant believe she is about to leave for college! Sometimes I wish I could rewind and have more time. But life happens in the now and I really wouldn't change a thing.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

DIY Saturday- Toy Box

It's been a while since I have done a DIY Saturday. My morning has  been filled with DIY searches and projects added to my lists.

I decided to go back to a previous project (which means since it was before blogging I don't have step by step pictures  ::sad::)

When my niece was born I wanted to get something for her that she would love and that would be practical. Now I really think this toy box is cute... but very out of my price range for a box...

so I made my own version!

This project was easy but took some time because of dry time.

First things first... you need that box! It is from IKEA... you can look at here, but it can only be purchased at a store. So find a store near you ... fast! ::grin::

Now, if you have never frequented an IKEA... things to know... make a day or at least a half day of it. Wear tennis shoes, no heels. They have concrete floors and there is lots of walking. Be ready to assemble almost anything you buy.

That being said, this box was something I did assemble.

The pieces of wood were painted with regular acrylic paint from the craft store. I used 3-4 different colors and a sponge applicator to put on the colors. You can obviously customize this for a boy also by changing the colors.

The pieces of wood that were not attached to the white laminate were painted before assembly. To paint the parts that are attached to the white laminate (the lid) i tapped off the white.

After painting everything got 2-3 coats of mod podge.

For the sides and the top, those are all designs made with tissue paper. I put down a layer of modge podge, put on the tissue paper, then another layer. On the lid I did several layers to achieve a hill setting and the look of the sun set.

I let that dry a few days.

I found stencils I liked at the local crafts store. I used more acrlic paint and I added a castle onto a mountain...
I actually used the colors from the border in the castle.

I also added a princess frog...

and then hand painted little lady bugs on the top and sides of the box.

I took my time and I would say the box took a week to two weeks to complete while I made time for it when watching tv.

The lid is light, and my niece (who is now 2) knows that is where her toys are when at my mom's house and can easily open and close it.

I know I said it was my version of a princess box and there are no princesses... But Disney didnt create the princess. If you need a Disney princess, they mod podge one on there, or any other favorite character or theme.

Before I knew it would be a niece and not a nephew I was thinking of painting it to look like it was made of Legos. That would be a cook idea too!


-Toy box
-Acrylic Paint
-Sponge brush
-Mod Podge
-Tissue Paper

Overall cost: Less than $20
Time: 3 evenings or afternoons (if you are really determined and need it quickly)
I figure why rush it... the longer it takes the more love it has and the more you will appreciate it later when you see it being used.

Side note: it has been a wonderfully lazy weekend... so while it is Sunday... this is still the DIY Saturday. :-)
and what made me think to post a project I have almost no pictures for from more than 2 years ago? I saw it being used by my niece and it made me smile.

Update: Apparently the use of an Ikea item and changing it is often call an Ikea Hack in the craft world. Who knew... I'm a hacker!

Browser of Choice | Chrome

When I click on a new tab it shows me my dashboard of most visited sites...

here's what mine looks like...

in case you can't recognize them the sites are:

-Bit of Byrd (pst... you're already here)
-Picnik (what I use for photo editing)
-My MK Independent Consultant Website (this is how I make magic happen and order products customers ask for)
-Compass Bank
-Intense Debate (my comment support) (automatically updates my twitter and fb with any new stuff)

If you use chrome or a browser that does something similar what are your most visited sites?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Finish it Friday - So busy

My picture from this wednesday... We have been very busy at work... so they brought in lunch. and it takes a lot to feed so many people!

I dont think it would take so much if they ordered regular crust but, just my opinion.

I left work feeling sick that day from the pizza I ate.

What is your favorite kind of pizza? Have you ever made your own? It is way easy. I will post about it sometime.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cheshire Cat Wreath

When my sister Apryl turned 18, we had an Alice in Wonderland Party. I have mentioned a few other times.

I love wreaths. It is easy to tell this when you look at my vast wreath pin board via pinterest

I had seen a Balloon wreath over at How Does She? That was my inspiration for my Cheshire Cat wreath.

Things I needed:
-Balloons I used almost 500. that many wouldnt have been needed. but i liked it overly full
-Wreath I used a pool noodle
-Rubber bands
-Floral pins
-Duck Tape

With just that I could have created a great wreath... but I needed a face, and as it so happens for Christmas I had bought myself a Cricut. And the AIW cartridge was just about to be released.

I pre-ordered it. And it was exactly what i needed!

So unfortunately I do not have any pictures from this in the making. But it was very easy. The tutorial for the Balloon wreath is basically what I followed.

A few adjustments.
I actually put a whole bag of rubber bands on the pool noodle. Then I taped the 'tail' into place. You can see in the picture it looks almost like a "9". Just duck tape.

The rubber bands are what I used to put the balloons on. They helped me keep a strip pattern. I did 3 rows of one color and 3 rows of the other. I alternated the balloons when putting them under thr rubber band so one would go mouth piece away from me. the next would be mouth piece towards me.

That makes it hard to understand but if you head over to Meet the Newcombs, that is where i had the idea about the rubber bands and you can see if her picture how they arent all facing the same way.

I used the floral pins to cover the duck tap and the end of the tail where I couldnt get a rubber band to hold.

I hot glued my Cheshire face on and magic happened!

Everyone that came in loved him!

Lessons I learned

-Don't leave him outside too long, the noodle sags and the balloons get worn so they cant be used for anything else.
-Plan ahead if you need specific colors so you can buy the balloons online. If I would have bought them online I would have saved so much. As it was I had to buy about 4 bags of balloons from party city... read.. not cheap!

If you have questions, let me know!

keep following me down the rabbit hole as I show you my other AIW crafts.

Thankful Thursday- Fall!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Finish it Friday- Multi-Millionaires!

Today is once again Finish it Friday!.... Actually it is Saturday, and my blog is a day behind.  But before I will post my Saturday DIY, it is Friday, cleaning house and then blogging. 

I'm sure you have caught onto what Friday is about here at BOB... if not go see past Fridays

This week's picture is here.

What is this week's picture about? Well that pictures was taken during an annual Mary Kay Seminar. That is the annual gathering of MK people to learn and share and find out what is new. 

The seminar is split into different groups in order to be manageable in size. My group is called Ruby. The women pictured are the women that are in my Ruby group that are new Mary Kay Multi-Millionaires in the year of 2010.

Starting on the right moving left, my national sales director is up there, as she reached the 2mil mark... as you go to the left the amounts increase to the last people who has reached the 9mil mark!

Isnt that amazing! 9 million dollars! 

They all received a wall plaque with their achievement.

While I did not get to attend seminar all the days, I was able to go one day before getting sick. That day was inspiring and motivating and provided great perspective. I talked a little bit about Perspective yesterday.

I have set a lot of new goals for myself and I will be sharing them as time goes on. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wednesday, August 3, 2011