Finish it Friday- Multi-Millionaires!

Today is once again Finish it Friday!.... Actually it is Saturday, and my blog is a day behind.  But before I will post my Saturday DIY, it is Friday, cleaning house and then blogging. 

I'm sure you have caught onto what Friday is about here at BOB... if not go see past Fridays

This week's picture is here.

What is this week's picture about? Well that pictures was taken during an annual Mary Kay Seminar. That is the annual gathering of MK people to learn and share and find out what is new. 

The seminar is split into different groups in order to be manageable in size. My group is called Ruby. The women pictured are the women that are in my Ruby group that are new Mary Kay Multi-Millionaires in the year of 2010.

Starting on the right moving left, my national sales director is up there, as she reached the 2mil mark... as you go to the left the amounts increase to the last people who has reached the 9mil mark!

Isnt that amazing! 9 million dollars! 

They all received a wall plaque with their achievement.

While I did not get to attend seminar all the days, I was able to go one day before getting sick. That day was inspiring and motivating and provided great perspective. I talked a little bit about Perspective yesterday.

I have set a lot of new goals for myself and I will be sharing them as time goes on.