MyMemories Free Software Giveaway!

That's right... A giveaway! That means...a free chance to win something in case you didn't know!

So what can you win?!

Your own copy of MyMemories Suite Version 2.0.
A great follow up question would be... what is that? or what does it do?

Well MyMemories Suite is a digital scrapbooking software. That means you can sit town and design a whole scrapbook page or a set of pages in no time at all without having the craft room covered in the embellishments and do-dads (I always spill mine...ever happen to you?)

For those of you who love watching videos... go over to Youtube and check MyMemories out.

I personally like paper crafting, but I never seem to get just the right color or I spill everything and there is a big mess. I got to try out the software and you can see the things I made below the entry form.

Entering is simple. Use the form below to get as many as SEVEN chances to win! If you don't win... or you just want wait to find out I also have a promo code available that will get you $10 off the MyMemories software AND $10 credit to the MyMemories Store.... That's a $20 value for using my promo code! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner anyone?! I think so!

Promo Code: STMMMS67

Here are some of the things I made:



It took about an hour to make the 7 pages. That was with no prior experience with the software. So it was very user friendly when designing and customizing the scrapbook pages.

So my thoughts on the software:

If you are a beginner or an advanced scrapper... you will love this! The embellishments are fun, they offer a lot of kits and preview kits for free and the kits for sale are reasonably priced. Remember that it is all digital, so if you plan on printing it you need to have a 12x12 printer unless you are not making standard scrapbook pages.
If you are someone who likes to make cards... this software can help you make the front of the card amazing. But the option of editing the inside or outside back of the card isn't there. They also do not have a standard preset A2 size, only A4. I was still able to create an A2 insert by splitting an 8.5x11 page landscape in half to meet my needs.

Overall I really enjoy the features, the ease of navigation and the ability to customize everything with the colors so easily and quickly... without any spills. The option to share my files to a jpeg or to a movie or interactive album is also a HUGE plus to me.
I think the digital scrapbooking software is a great price at $39.97... but remember you get $10 off! AND $10 store coupon.. Just use that promo code... It is: STMMMS67

Good luck in winning! I am going to post a few more things I made tomorrow.