Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Postcard Exchange

I participated in a valentines card exchange and it was so much fun getting mail that wasn't bills and junk that I thought a fall exchange might be fun.
It is a little late in September for a Halloween one, in my opinion.

Before putting it together I'm trying to gauge interest.

How does an exchange work?
There is two weeks of sign up where you enter your name and address to a google form.
Once sign up is over the list is sent out to all who have signed up.
By signing up you are agreeing to send a post card to each person on the list. And in return you also receive one from each person on the list.
There is a deadline for sending the cards to make sure they are all sent around the same time.

If that sounds like sometime you'd like to do please comment below and let me know your interested.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Travel Tip | Pack your pillow


I'm visiting Tucson this week to spend time with my BFF Brittany.
You know B. She's found over at The Butterfly Mom.

Anyhoo, I drove this trip and that means I brought much more than needed. Suppose that's debatable.

But today's travel tip is travel gold. Bringing your pillow will help your mind feel at ease from the scent of home even if you only have your pillow case.

Great night sleeps are key for a great vacation.