Thursday, May 31, 2012

Burglars and storms

I am so glad it is Thursday. It has been a long week.
A week or so ago we had a big storm and I lost a branch from my front tree. You might remember the cool storm pictures I posted.

Anyway there was also a large storm this week and I had a large branch fall in the back yard now. 

On top of the fact that my yard is littered with potential fire wood someone decided they needed the chairs from my patio set more than I did.
You can see one of the chairs on the front yard picture. There were two chairs in the front yard and the other two were in the back yard. Yup, they went into my fenced in back yard and took my chairs and my lawn mower and other things.
oh well. Police report filled and life goes on.
I did add new locks on my shed and back fence and am going to add extra locks to my doors.
Have you ever had something get stolen? What did you do in the future to prevent it?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Loving some new found apps

I've been sad about not blogging so much but by the time I get home from work I just don't want to sit in front of the computer anymore. I'd rather lay on the sofa our do nothing.
But I still want to blog. Yesterday I mentioned that Sarah told me she uses the app so I am trying it out again.
Most of the reason why I always user the computer is because of my pictures and I like having my watermark.
But I've found an app for that! First things first, I have a Droid based phone, not an iPhone. 

My newest favorite app is called "add watermark free" here is the link to see it in the Google play store. 
Crazy original name I know. But I love how easy it is to create my watermark once and then I can upload or take any picture, add the watermark and then save it. 
If you have an iPhone there is an app in the app store called iWatermark Free that seems similar but I cannot personally vouch for it.


a cool picture from my phone...
with the watermark... 
Created from my phone... 
With a blog post... 
Created from my phone! Yay