Thursday, August 15, 2013

Princess Castle Cake | How to

When my niece turned 4 she was enamored by princesses. Can you blame her?
She asked for a princess birthday naturally. Her mom was having the party at a kid friendly play place so that really only left the cake to make the theme.


She loved the cake. And my mom said she even saw a cake similar on TV recently. Cool, right.

I used box mix and store frosting. I didn't color anything. All the colors are straight from the store. Making this project easier for people without a lot of cake supplies.


The towers are ice cream cones. Two regular cones. One waffle. I dipped them in chocolate and while it was wet stacked them so as it dried it kept them together. The chocolate color was pink. It looks fleshy without extra details.
The waffle cones were rolled in pink sprinkles while the chocolate was wet.


To attach the towers I used a spoon to scoop away the corner is the cake. Added frosting and stuck it on. One tower needed toothpick reinforcement.

The princesses were puff stickers that I stuck onto a piece of hard plastic and cut around. I was going to use a clear cutting board from $Tree but they were out of stock. In the school supply aisle they had coupon organizers. They were the perfect thickness. I hit glued a lollipop stick to the princesses who stood on the cake. The princess on the ground were stuck in a dense cake mix.






My niece loved it. It took some time. But she is always worth it.



Friday, August 9, 2013

Wall Mural Paint by Number

This post has been in draft forever!
I really wanted to put together like a time lapse of the process because I have pictures after almost every color.

But the lighting and angels are different each time so I don't think it would look so cool.

If you want me to work on it comment and I will see what I can do.

Anyway. What is this all about? A wall mural silly.

Three years ago I decided it would be cool to have a wall mural. I did Internet searching and they were so expensive!
{note to reader: this project doesn't take three years if you work on it more than one week a year :-)}

So I went to the local craft store and bought a paint by number for 40% because of a coupon and picked this picture.

I took the instruction page and printed it onto a transparency and projected it onto the wall to trace.

Traced with a pencil. Make sure to write in the paint by number letter or number also.

Then the painting began. To give you a few in progress pictures:
I started with the sky.

Then the ocean and chairs.




After I painted everything I sealed the wall with a polyurethane sealant. And it gave the wall a small sheen.


I love the wall. It makes an awesome statement and sets the beach theme for the room.


Common questions:
-wow did you draw that? Umm, yes and no. It's a paint by number!!

-how big is the wall? It is about 7ft tall and 10ft across.

-what paints did you use? I used basic acrylics. The little bottles that are normally less than fifty cents each.

-how do you protect it? I sealed it with polyurethane sealant.

-how long did it take? If working on it regularly it could take no more than three weeks or even weekends depending on your design and paint dry time.

-do you have any tips if I decide to try it? So glad you asked!! I do!!

*have a white eraser {the kind that are like a pen but just eraser} handy to erase your numbers before you paint. It will save on how many coats you need.

*pick the lightest color {not usually white} that covers the largest area and paint the whole wall that as your base with standard wall paint. {mine was eggshell sheen it made wiping mistakes easy}

*write the key for the colors on the back of your cardboard image. {I lost my key and had to go to the store and copy it down}

the key won't matter so much if you use this tip
*buy a bottle of acrylic paint for EVERY color on the wall.
What do I mean? The kit comes with 12 colors and would expect you to mix them. Mixing colors in the right quantity to cover a wall area for multiple coats and get the same shade is hard. And if more than one person is working on it... It complicates it further.

*mark each bottle with a perm marker on the lid to indicate what color or number it is.
This way you don't have to remember. And if you run out you know the exact color you need to buy and if anyone is helping there is no guess work.

Those are tips I wish I'd had known. :-)

If you try it I'd love to see how it comes out!