Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Baking

I have been baking up a storm in my kitchen as of late and none of it makes it to the blog because my kitchen is a disaster. lol

I decided to make some Christmas goodie bag/box things. In them I decided to put m&m pretzel things.

I am making other things too, but this are so good and easy!

No...really,  it is as easy as pretzels on the cookie sheet, kiss on top.. heat and add M&M.

I didn't know what heat temp and how long.. I found this blog post over at Bonnie Bella

She said 275 for 3 minutes. Mine needed 4. sounds like it isnt much... but that extra minute was the difference of a good smoosh or a half smoosh.

How did I find her blog?.... from Pinterest of course! (follow me)

Do you bake for Christmas?

What have you made this year?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Things Change

I know that sounds daunting. But that isnt what this is about.

Winter is here. It has been here a while but Texas is odd and kept throwing in a warm day here and there and my trees were so confused.

It was like magic when I woke up the other morning and my trees had changed colors.

 Have you noticed that nature is noticing the changes around you?

I love that berry bush. I only noticed today that the berries seem brighter than normal. Maybe they arent red all year. I dont even know for sure but I thought they were.

Happy Friday.

Friday, December 9, 2011

When not blogging

So what does a person do when they are not blogging?

Well I have done the following::
  • Learned to crochet and started a scarf.
  • Got a speeding ticket.
  • Went to traffic court.
  • Eaten ramen noodles like I am in college again.
  • Help my bff brainstorm for my godson's first birthday.
  • Given my number to a guy and been turned down.
  • Updated my facebook to say I was engaged... when I am not. that made for a good laugh
  • Mailed out all my christmas cards and have even gotten a few from people

What kind of stuff has been keeping you busy?