Friday, August 16, 2019

Throwing a Mean Girls Party: Costumes

My friends know how much I love throwing a party and they know the effort I put into. Because of the effort I put in they also put in effort and everyone dressed up!

I have blurred out my friends faces to respect their privacy.

There were a few mice. DUH!

There were a few Janices. Below is a Janice and a Damien. 

An Ex Wife and Coach Carter made an appearance and in that box was a plethora of condoms that are still floating around my home. 

We had a few Damiens to go with our Janices.

There was a Burn Book!

And fashionably late, because they had a meet... The Mathletes... the whole team!

There were more costumes not pictures, like Regina in her sexy Halloween costume, Santa handing out candy grams, and the other Janices. I was really happy with the turn out and everyone participating. It made the party a lot of fun and it was the talk of my friend group for a good long while and those who weren't able to come were oh so sad.

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Throwing a Mean Girls Party: Extras

The extras are what keep people talking about the party because your guests notice the effort you put into the part.

I ordered a two snap chat filters. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell everyone at the party about the them so there were only a handful of pictures using the filters.

Snap Chat filters are inexpensive and able to custom the party easily.

I also picked my snap chat bitmoji's outfit to match the outfit I choose for the party. I was dressed as Cool Mom... not a regular mom. 

I wear pink most days so adding a few new pink pieces was just a perfect reason to go shopping. 

In the bathroom I also provided multiple "foot" lotions. And Janice was there to supervise.

Even one of them said "for Regina". Because we all know her face smells like a foot. That is what she gets for personally victimizing everyone. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Throwing a Mean Girls Party: Decorations

Decorations set the mood for a party. The Mean Girls Party was so Fetch to put together.

The burn book is a big part of the movie. So I choose to make it a big part of the party by making a Burn WALL.

I used a table cloth and paper plates from the Dollar Tree. I printed the letters from my Mean Girls Pinterest board. I put out a permanent marker and people wrote on the plates and burned each other. Most of them are not PG so I wont be sharing more of the wall. 

Four for you Glen Coco! You go Glen CoCo!!

I used my Cricut to cut out letters for my usually empty frame above my fireplace. I also cut out So Fetch.

I attached all my paper cut outs with poster tack. The Dollar Tree also carries that. I try to keep it low cost anyway I can. I used more Dollar Tree frames to build a collage of movie quotes. 

I own a few sets of letter boards. One of Christmas gifts in 2018 was the below lighted letter board. I used the different letter boards to add movie quotes. You can see  some of them in above pictures. One quote is by Regina's mom and the other by Coach Carter.

Below are links to the products mentioned in this post:

**I own an older model Cricut Air but it is no longer available in most stores. The Air 2 is the most similar model to what I own but not the newest model on the block.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Throwing a Mean Girls Party: Food

This week's theme is filled with details about my 2019 Mean Girls Birthday.

This post is about the food I set out for the party. I set out classic party food... vegetables, cupcakes, pigs in a blanket.

I also made Kalteen Bars. I took regular granola bars from the Dollar Tree and dipped them in chocolate. I cut each bar into three and made little bite size pieces.

I got the little chalk board signs from the impulse buy section at Michaels near check out. You know, the area trying to be like the Target Dollar Spot.

In a little bowl by the front door I put out butter-scotch candies. I love a good pun.

As a birthday gift I also got this awesome cook book.
 I wish I would have gotten it before the party. I wish I would have gotten it before the party. It is filled with fun themed recipes and names and they all look really great.

If you are thinking of throwing a Mean Girls Party I highly suggest getting this book to start you on the right food. You can find a link below.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Throwing a Mean Girls Party

Get in loser, we are talking about my 2019 birthday party!

This week I'm going to go over the details of food I served, decorations I put up and small extras that put the party over the top.

I have been throwing themed parties since my youngest sister turned 16. Those parties included a tropical party, pirate party, and an Alice in Wonderland party. AIW was the first party hosted in my home and since then I have had several others I hope to share details about here on the blog.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Sweet Pepper Nachos

On Facebook I saw a video about pepper nachos and thought they looked amazing so I made some.

I cooked the hamburger in my Instant Pot from frozen. I put it on the insert and cooked it with 1cp of water for 35m then 10m natural release.

Then I seasoned the hamburger with taco seasoning and cumin adding back in liquid from the IP to give moisture back to the meat.

The peppers were just thrown together. The recipe is very simple. Peppers, meat, cheese and bake.

Go over to Food Faith Fitness for the full recipe details.

The IP I have is below. I bought it while on a black Friday sale.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapeños

I made these for a friends birthday and they came out yummy.

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapeños


~12 lg Jalapeños
1 package thick bacon

8 oz cream cheese
1/2 cp shredded mozzarella cheese
1 package hot sausages (I used Johnson Firecracker)
1 Tbs Italian seasoning
Salt & Pepper

Take the sausage out of the casing and cook. Drain and crumble.

Half and de-seed the jalapeños. Dice one jalapeno.

For Filling: In a large bowl mix cream cheese, mozzarella, seasoning, crumbled sausage and the one diced jalapeño.

Spoon filling into each jalapeño half. Wrap with half a piece of bacon. You can secure it with a toothpick. If you don't the bacon may shrink and unwrap from the jalapeño.

Bake at 400* for 20 min then increase to broil for 5 min.

The silicone baking sheet pictured is a favorite. It allows grease to drip away from what you are baking and keeps the item raised up. Below is a link if you are interested in seeing more details