Throwing a Mean Girls Party: Food

This week's theme is filled with details about my 2019 Mean Girls Birthday.

This post is about the food I set out for the party. I set out classic party food... vegetables, cupcakes, pigs in a blanket.

I also made Kalteen Bars. I took regular granola bars from the Dollar Tree and dipped them in chocolate. I cut each bar into three and made little bite size pieces.

I got the little chalk board signs from the impulse buy section at Michaels near check out. You know, the area trying to be like the Target Dollar Spot.

In a little bowl by the front door I put out butter-scotch candies. I love a good pun.

As a birthday gift I also got this awesome cook book.
 I wish I would have gotten it before the party. I wish I would have gotten it before the party. It is filled with fun themed recipes and names and they all look really great.

If you are thinking of throwing a Mean Girls Party I highly suggest getting this book to start you on the right food. You can find a link below.