Throwing a Mean Girls Party: Costumes

My friends know how much I love throwing a party and they know the effort I put into. Because of the effort I put in they also put in effort and everyone dressed up!

I have blurred out my friends faces to respect their privacy.

There were a few mice. DUH!

There were a few Janices. Below is a Janice and a Damien. 

An Ex Wife and Coach Carter made an appearance and in that box was a plethora of condoms that are still floating around my home. 

We had a few Damiens to go with our Janices.

There was a Burn Book!

And fashionably late, because they had a meet... The Mathletes... the whole team!

There were more costumes not pictures, like Regina in her sexy Halloween costume, Santa handing out candy grams, and the other Janices. I was really happy with the turn out and everyone participating. It made the party a lot of fun and it was the talk of my friend group for a good long while and those who weren't able to come were oh so sad.

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