Throwing a Mean Girls Party: Decorations

Decorations set the mood for a party. The Mean Girls Party was so Fetch to put together.

The burn book is a big part of the movie. So I choose to make it a big part of the party by making a Burn WALL.

I used a table cloth and paper plates from the Dollar Tree. I printed the letters from my Mean Girls Pinterest board. I put out a permanent marker and people wrote on the plates and burned each other. Most of them are not PG so I wont be sharing more of the wall. 

Four for you Glen Coco! You go Glen CoCo!!

I used my Cricut to cut out letters for my usually empty frame above my fireplace. I also cut out So Fetch.

I attached all my paper cut outs with poster tack. The Dollar Tree also carries that. I try to keep it low cost anyway I can. I used more Dollar Tree frames to build a collage of movie quotes. 

I own a few sets of letter boards. One of Christmas gifts in 2018 was the below lighted letter board. I used the different letter boards to add movie quotes. You can see  some of them in above pictures. One quote is by Regina's mom and the other by Coach Carter.

Below are links to the products mentioned in this post:

**I own an older model Cricut Air but it is no longer available in most stores. The Air 2 is the most similar model to what I own but not the newest model on the block.