Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nails | Dripping Paint

I have been a member of Pinterest for a while now. Since it was pretty new. I requested an invite for myself and got it within in the half hour.

Now if you request your own invite you might have to wait a month!
I have talked about Pinterest before. You can go read that post HERE.  Make sure you are following me!
If you are not a member and would like an invite send me your email and one will be on the way!

I get regular emails about what is being repinned and I think it must be the cold weather and people staying inside but my Nails Board is probably my most repinned board and there are only a few dozen pins on it.

I decided I wanted to try and duplicate one of the nail looks.

That is my left hand. odd how the camera inverts the picture.  This was my pinspiration::

I didn't add the little drip drops. Should have. I was going them based off memory and my nails are kinda short right now. But I like how they came out.
I did use a bobby pin to smear the paint down. Beware you have to have the base paint SUPER dry. like the day before dry would be ideal. And then you have to be ready to sit for a while because the paint needs to be pretty thick for you to smudge it and thick paint doesn't dry fast.

Would love to see what you try out!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentines Gift Ideas

I love Valentines Day... in a way. I have not been dating anyone on a Valentines Day since I was in high school. So it is not about roses and gifts that I receive, but instead the ones I spoil my sister with.

Here are a few gift ideas that I have done in the past that were easy to complete.

In the picture above are two different gift ideas and a third hidden idea.

Heart Shaped Box
Hello Mod Podge. This was a simple paper mache box from the craft store similar to these. I cut the fabric to size and Mod Podged it on and sealed it with Mod Podge also.
I did not put fabric on the sides of the box or lid. Those are just painted black.

Heart Paper clips
from How About Orange
Inside the box I put two dozen or so Heart shaped paper clips. Now do not get all crazy and go spending a lot of money on heart shaped paper clips.
I did go and buy red and white ones but that wasn't necessary either.
How About Orange has a great tutorial on how to make the heart paperclip with only one bend. Find the Tutorial HERE.

You Light up my life

This craft had the biggest wow factor. It also involved glass and a few tools so it isn't a kid friendly craft.
I found the how to empty the bulb over at Team Droid. They give a great step by step HERE. There are several websites with instructions how to remove a light bulb filament, but Team Droid's instructions where the ones I used years ago and I find them the easiest to follow.

The idea about making the heart shaped filaments came from the Design Sponge
Once I cleaned out the light bulb I used a small gauge jewelry wire to make my own heart "filaments" It is actually one long piece of wire folded in half and the ends make the heart. I did it that way so there would only be once piece of wire to secure to the base. To see the Design Sponge original post go HERE.

The base is just a scrap piece of wood with the fabric wrapped around it. Painted black on the top and bottom. I also put a piece of fabric around the base of the light bulb to cover where it was a little mangled from being emptied.

In addition to these items I also had balloons. Do you have a Dollar Tree near you? Did you know you can buy the balloons, take them home and bring them back with your receipt to have helium put in them?
Reasons you would want to do this?
-Balloons for special occasions sell out fast... graduation colors, mothers day, valentines day, ect...
-You can customize them!

All I did was buy a few heart shaped Mylar balloons and took a sharpie to them. I added hearts and "I Love You" it made the balloon more personal with very little effort and the possibilities are endless.

What kind of crafts have you made or gifts have you given for Valentines day? What has been your favorite gift to receive?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Where do you spend your money?

Do you pay attention to what you are supporting when you hand your money away?

If you have never thought about it I challenge you to start. 

I have met some of the most interesting and inspiring people since starting this blog in May 2011. I have also been able to become closer to amazing people I already knew in life away from the computer.
When starting to think about where you spend your money take a moment and go over to:: 

They often work closely together because they have many of the same values and goal of getting people to see the best in life and supporting what you love with more than your words but your actions and your wallet. (that is my paraphrase of their values and goals...not what they state for themselves lol)

Sadly, before reading Made in the USA I was someone who rarely looked at labels and did not always consider where something was made before making a purchase. I will admit that when looking at labels I do not always buy the US product when it is 4times the price of a product made overseas.

An example I think of off hand is pantyhose. I found USA Made pantyhose... and they were $5 for one pair... while the made in Korea were $0.99. Sorry... I didnt buy USA Made that day. 

Even though I didnt buy the US product that time I did stop and take the time to consider it and look at the label and that is more than I would have done before.

It's great to "BE" has helped me remember that it isn't only about where the product is made but who is selling it. Example, I could go and buy my Cricut supplies at Walmart, or I can buy them at Hobby Lobby. Walmart is, in my mind big business. Hobby Lobby is a Christian based company that is closed on Sunday so their employees can spend time with their families. I support family time. Hobby Lobby is sometimes a little more expensive but not to the point that I prefer Walmart.

This morning I spent my money  at a resale shop. The shop has donated items similar to good will but the profits of the shop benefit the battered womens shelter for my city. I support that cause, and I shop there before Goodwill always.

Today I ask you again, what do you support with your money?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do you Remember MySpace?

I had a MySpace once upon a time. It was when Facebook was still for people in college and no one else.
I had already decommissioned my college blog and so I blogged through the MySpace platform instead.

I was thinking about that the other day so I went and logged into MySpace and copied my blog so I could archive it.

Things that rereading my blog made me realize...

Life is amazing right now. I love how my life has turned out and the people who are in it.
I know that because I read some of my posts from 2007 and I can remember how horrible everything was internally and how I only blogged about it but pretended to everyone. My blog only had like 5 readers, but that was because I had it blocked except to those five people.

I've decided I will share some of those old posts in the next few weeks. They remind me of who I was and I think it is important to remember that. I wont be correcting spelling errors or grammar... that is just how it was.

Today I share with you a poem I wrote July 13, 2007

Falling off

I can feel myself falling.
Falling fast.
Faster than a race car or the misquito avoiding a smack.
Fast like the woosey feeling after 3 shots in a row.
But like the alcohol i cant take it back.
I dont know if i would.
Once you fall are you ever the same?
Can you pretend you havent?
What if he isnt?
What is he doesnt?
Can i pretend i havent?

I will.
I am falling.
I havent fallen.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Search, I dont Censor

BOB says Dont Censor Me
I might not read my paper everyday. I dont listen to news radio everyday. I dont watch the news on TV everyday.

But I do search the internet... Everyday!

I have the internet at home, at work and from my phone. I rely on it to help me prove a point when in a discussion or when I need a reminder of what colors the sesame street sign are because I want to get the green juust right.

I have a profile on a dating website and I used to make reference to my myers brigg personality type and tell people to "wiki it"

So why am I rambling about my internet usage? Well Surly you have heard of SOPA and PIPA
 In protest Wikipedia went black for 24 hrs.

While Google didnt go black... they did show their views on their main page... and were the inspiration for BOB's picture.

I'll sum up how I feel it affects me and why I choose to sign the digital petition that can be found here.

I have a blog... duh... and so I write stuff and I link to stuff and I like to share stuff I find. I like to know that what I share is quality information but if I have to put effort into checking every link on a website I share with you to make sure that site is credible it becomes a bigger hassle than privledge to share things with my readers.

So no... I do not support SOPA and PIPA. I signed the petition and encourage you to read about it too.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Remembering the Good

I have a blog friend that writes over at it's great to "BE". I encourage you to go over and read her posts. She doesn't post everyday but when she does it is thoughtful and thought provoking.
You can find her on facebook HERE. That is where I found it's great to "BE".

When I was over there reading today I noticed that there is a page that has A year in pictures: 2012. I love that idea but I know I wouldnt be able to keep up with it.

But it did remind me that I havent told you about my 2012 box.
As with most my ideas, it came from pinterest.

I didn't use a mason jar. I just used a plasticware box that I had at my desk at work. I remembered this idea and so when I got some great news on the 3rd day of the year I decided that any receptacle would do.

What was the news? My best friend is about to have another baby! So I took a note card and dated one side and wrote the good news on the back.

It seems on new years all you can remember is the things that have happened recently and with the holidays being so hectic it is hard to remember all the good. So in an attempt to recognize the small things in life that are good and to remember them... I have a 2012 box that I am putting my good memories in to remind myself at the end of the year of some things that made me happy.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dont do that anymore!

It is a new year. The holiday season flew by and life was busy and crafts went unfinished and my blog went unwrote for a while. Comments have gone unanswered.

No apologies. I have a life and you should to. But what type of life are you working for?

I am not a believer of resolutions made based on the fact that I need a new calendar from the Dollar Tree. I think when a person is ready to make a change to any part of their life they will. Even if that means it is 2:17pm on a Wednesday afternoon. Change can be made.

I havent spent much time thinking about the type of life I am working for. I am not particularly unhappy with life how it is.  Life isn't so bad that I have been willing to take changes and risks and make changes to make it better. It is kinda like the saying it is easier to stay in a job you know you hate than to work to find a new one that you know nothing about.

Perusing through all the FB posts about new years I saw a link a friend posted. I pinned it so I could find it later.

It is an interesting title and I think we have all related to that picture from time to time. So I went and checked it out.

When I read the list these are a few of the many that jumped out the page and smacked me in the forehead::

6. Stop trying to hold onto the past. – You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading your last one.

13. Stop getting involved in relationships for the wrong reasons. – Relationships must be chosen wisely.  It’s better to be alone than to be in bad company.  There’s no need to rush.  If something is meant to be, it will happen – in the right time, with the right person, and for the best reason. Fall in love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely.

29. Stop focusing on what you don’t want to happen. – Focus on what you do want to happen.  Positive thinking is at the forefront of every great success story.  If you awake every morning with the thought that something wonderful will happen in your life today, and you pay close attention, you’ll often find that you’re right.

I hope that these few items entice you to go read the full post if you haven't already gone over there to do so. It is insightful and it hits home.

So on to new chapters. Closing the old ones and focusing on what good can happen and not letting the fear of what bad might happen keep me back. 

On to having a great Sunday! Did you expect me to say 2012? Well 2012 happens to be starting with a Sunday... and thinking about trying to make the whole year great before 10 am is a little overwhelming. So I will start with today and when I choose to make each day the best I can; I believe that will lead to a great year on its own.