Do you Remember MySpace?

I had a MySpace once upon a time. It was when Facebook was still for people in college and no one else.
I had already decommissioned my college blog and so I blogged through the MySpace platform instead.

I was thinking about that the other day so I went and logged into MySpace and copied my blog so I could archive it.

Things that rereading my blog made me realize...

Life is amazing right now. I love how my life has turned out and the people who are in it.
I know that because I read some of my posts from 2007 and I can remember how horrible everything was internally and how I only blogged about it but pretended to everyone. My blog only had like 5 readers, but that was because I had it blocked except to those five people.

I've decided I will share some of those old posts in the next few weeks. They remind me of who I was and I think it is important to remember that. I wont be correcting spelling errors or grammar... that is just how it was.

Today I share with you a poem I wrote July 13, 2007

Falling off

I can feel myself falling.
Falling fast.
Faster than a race car or the misquito avoiding a smack.
Fast like the woosey feeling after 3 shots in a row.
But like the alcohol i cant take it back.
I dont know if i would.
Once you fall are you ever the same?
Can you pretend you havent?
What if he isnt?
What is he doesnt?
Can i pretend i havent?

I will.
I am falling.
I havent fallen.