Remembering the Good

I have a blog friend that writes over at it's great to "BE". I encourage you to go over and read her posts. She doesn't post everyday but when she does it is thoughtful and thought provoking.
You can find her on facebook HERE. That is where I found it's great to "BE".

When I was over there reading today I noticed that there is a page that has A year in pictures: 2012. I love that idea but I know I wouldnt be able to keep up with it.

But it did remind me that I havent told you about my 2012 box.
As with most my ideas, it came from pinterest.

I didn't use a mason jar. I just used a plasticware box that I had at my desk at work. I remembered this idea and so when I got some great news on the 3rd day of the year I decided that any receptacle would do.

What was the news? My best friend is about to have another baby! So I took a note card and dated one side and wrote the good news on the back.

It seems on new years all you can remember is the things that have happened recently and with the holidays being so hectic it is hard to remember all the good. So in an attempt to recognize the small things in life that are good and to remember them... I have a 2012 box that I am putting my good memories in to remind myself at the end of the year of some things that made me happy.