Nails | Dripping Paint

I have been a member of Pinterest for a while now. Since it was pretty new. I requested an invite for myself and got it within in the half hour.

Now if you request your own invite you might have to wait a month!
I have talked about Pinterest before. You can go read that post HERE.  Make sure you are following me!
If you are not a member and would like an invite send me your email and one will be on the way!

I get regular emails about what is being repinned and I think it must be the cold weather and people staying inside but my Nails Board is probably my most repinned board and there are only a few dozen pins on it.

I decided I wanted to try and duplicate one of the nail looks.

That is my left hand. odd how the camera inverts the picture.  This was my pinspiration::

I didn't add the little drip drops. Should have. I was going them based off memory and my nails are kinda short right now. But I like how they came out.
I did use a bobby pin to smear the paint down. Beware you have to have the base paint SUPER dry. like the day before dry would be ideal. And then you have to be ready to sit for a while because the paint needs to be pretty thick for you to smudge it and thick paint doesn't dry fast.

Would love to see what you try out!