Where do you spend your money?

Do you pay attention to what you are supporting when you hand your money away?

If you have never thought about it I challenge you to start. 

I have met some of the most interesting and inspiring people since starting this blog in May 2011. I have also been able to become closer to amazing people I already knew in life away from the computer.
When starting to think about where you spend your money take a moment and go over to:: 

They often work closely together because they have many of the same values and goal of getting people to see the best in life and supporting what you love with more than your words but your actions and your wallet. (that is my paraphrase of their values and goals...not what they state for themselves lol)

Sadly, before reading Made in the USA I was someone who rarely looked at labels and did not always consider where something was made before making a purchase. I will admit that when looking at labels I do not always buy the US product when it is 4times the price of a product made overseas.

An example I think of off hand is pantyhose. I found USA Made pantyhose... and they were $5 for one pair... while the made in Korea were $0.99. Sorry... I didnt buy USA Made that day. 

Even though I didnt buy the US product that time I did stop and take the time to consider it and look at the label and that is more than I would have done before.

It's great to "BE" has helped me remember that it isn't only about where the product is made but who is selling it. Example, I could go and buy my Cricut supplies at Walmart, or I can buy them at Hobby Lobby. Walmart is, in my mind big business. Hobby Lobby is a Christian based company that is closed on Sunday so their employees can spend time with their families. I support family time. Hobby Lobby is sometimes a little more expensive but not to the point that I prefer Walmart.

This morning I spent my money  at a resale shop. The shop has donated items similar to good will but the profits of the shop benefit the battered womens shelter for my city. I support that cause, and I shop there before Goodwill always.

Today I ask you again, what do you support with your money?