I Search, I dont Censor

BOB says Dont Censor Me
I might not read my paper everyday. I dont listen to news radio everyday. I dont watch the news on TV everyday.

But I do search the internet... Everyday!

I have the internet at home, at work and from my phone. I rely on it to help me prove a point when in a discussion or when I need a reminder of what colors the sesame street sign are because I want to get the green juust right.

I have a profile on a dating website and I used to make reference to my myers brigg personality type and tell people to "wiki it"

So why am I rambling about my internet usage? Well Surly you have heard of SOPA and PIPA
 In protest Wikipedia went black for 24 hrs.

While Google didnt go black... they did show their views on their main page... and were the inspiration for BOB's picture.

I'll sum up how I feel it affects me and why I choose to sign the digital petition that can be found here.

I have a blog... duh... and so I write stuff and I link to stuff and I like to share stuff I find. I like to know that what I share is quality information but if I have to put effort into checking every link on a website I share with you to make sure that site is credible it becomes a bigger hassle than privledge to share things with my readers.

So no... I do not support SOPA and PIPA. I signed the petition and encourage you to read about it too.