Saturday, May 28, 2011

Long Weekend- Lazy or Productive?

People relate to music, or I do. Some songs take me back to Jr High and school dances while others take to eating ice cream at Sonic on a summer night.
Well I am up early on this Saturday morning with a LONG list of projects and as I was brushing my teeth and taking my vitamins my alarm clock had this song come on...

And while I have heard this song before... it never resonated as so true than any other time than today! 

-chilling in my Snuggie... turn to MTV to teach me how to Dougie 

So unlike the dancing monkeys and Bruno... I will be doing a lot more than nothing... I am about to Dougie my way to making eggs and then I will be replacing my back door frame so that I can put up a storm door.

I will take some pictures while doing it, because while I think most projects will be simple I often complicate them! 

What song brings you back to your youth? Have you heard a song today that made you think, "That's ME!"?
What projects do you have planned this weekend, or are you learning how to Dougie? 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Conquering the Sewing Machine

Conquer might be a bit of a strong word since my sewing machine and I often still have to agree to disagree... but this if more about my first sewing attempts.

If we want to go way back, my grandmother is someone who believes in making sure we (grand kids) know how to sew a button and do a basic stitch (which is the running and the blanket stitch)

But since that is void of electricity or a foot pedal I never really saw that as sewing. I now disagree, because hand sewing is a favorite relaxing thing, but not my story today lol

Christmas 2008, my mom bought a Brother sewing machine and decided we were going to sew aprons for our family members (I will try to get someone to send me a picture) They were the kind that the pattern already had the lines and everything so we cut... batted...sewed...and felt pretty good about ourselves. But this was really my mom's project and my help was limited in many ways to making the ties and turning them inside right.

In the summer of 2009 I was introduced to the Three Wolf Moon Shirt, see the review there. This review meant I HAD to have that shirt! My sister needed one too... but mine... I wanted it to be different.

I bought a pattern on sale from Joann's and I made my shirt.. it even has elastic in the back! I was so pleased with it that when Halloween talk started going around I decided... I can make my own costume!

Gulp. So I committed to three of my friends that they didnt need to worry... I would make our costumes! We would be the Flintstones and the Rubbles. Of course, I made the confident statement before finding out that the pattern was retired and could not be bought in stores. Luckily I was able to find it online for reasonably priced (read as: less than $5 but I would have paid more because my mouth jumped ahead of my brain and my wallet would have had to pay the difference)

In this adventure I bought all my fabrics... way too much because I didnt know that the amounts were on the package. I sewed my first zipper...
and I was so happy with how it turned out...
Only to realize I wasnt at a point where I knew how to sew with a lining yet... so this fabric... and this zipper didnt get used. 

I did end up sewing two other zippers for Betty and Wilma's costumes and they came out great. That is when I found out sewing something for someone else was much easier than me because I could pin it on them... Wilma's dress only took 30 minutes to sew after pinned.

I also made that giant bone purse! It was all on the fly, with no pattern and I LOVE how it came out, it was the perfect accent to the costume. 

Skills I learned in this project: 
  • Sewing in a zipper (would still need to look it up before doing it again)
  • Finding no fray fabric
  • Using a zig zag, wide stitch to finish an edge
  • Using fusible webbing (triangles on Fred)
So what was your first  sewing project? How did it turn out? What did it inspire next?

ps... yes it is 3am... insomnia is crazy and we dont get along!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Personally I do not strive to be adorable... I strive for stunning, gorgeous and breathtaking! However, for BitofByrd(BOB) adorable is great!

Especially since I have just jumped back onto the blogwagon; I am very excited.

A friend over at Diva-Living, Brittany, gave me this award. She is an awesome person, great mom, and a reliable friend. Can't ask for much more from a person... but on top of that she is frugal and savy to many things and loves animals too.

I very much encourage you to check out her site/sites. she has a few 

These are the two I regularly follow, but if you have interests in animal rescue or Dobermans. She is your women!

Meat and potatoes:
  1. I am not married, nor do I have children.
  2. I am not baby crazy, but always seem to be doing baby crafts (lots of people I know are baby crazy lol)
  3. There is a Cousin Cruise coming up July 2011! (I plan on sewing a few dresses-so watch for it)
  4. My house is never really clean of clutter because I am very busy all the time really hate cleaning.
  5. I have a membership to a gym that I have not been to in more than a month and my jeans are starting to remind me of that. lol
  6. My roommate in college my sophomore year is who interested me in blogging the first time around.
  7. I often wish I wouldn't have decommissioned that blog, but i saved all the entries and can still go back and laugh at how life was.
  8. Without spell check I would be lost and look like I have an elementary education level.
  9. I <3 LOST. Ya know... the TV series. I have watched all 6 seasons sooo many times on netflix and I still watch them
  10. There has not been cable or basic TV hooked up in my house ever... I have lived here 2 years this summer.

So who else do I think is worthy of an Adorable Award...

Second Chances By Susan is so creative and fun!

Also... I love Singing Three Little Birds!

So What do you guys do now...

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  • Thank the person who gave you this award, and link back to them in your post.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

SPAM... love it or hate it?

Usually the answer would be an obvious reply of hate. When speaking of filling my email box with junk.... I would agree.

But what if we are talking about re-purposing or recycling. There are lots of crafts and ideas around the use of a soup can. And a soup can has such a recognizable shape that anything you do with it is almost cheapened by that.

 But over at Second Chances by Susan she has discovered that spam can be a thing to love.

whether you want to eat it or not is another thing, but the can has possibilities. Check out what Susan did- HERE!

I plan on trying it out and I will post my version and a SPAM recipe so you wont have any waste.

If you have a SPAM recipe you would like to share also... please do :-)

Start of Something New

I have done blogging before, but years ago, in college.

I have actually missed it. I have a friend who is a blogger also. One of her pages can be found at Diving-Living.
Brittany has multiple pages to sort her thoughts and her causes.

She was talking about needing another blogger mom... and I don't fit that category as I don't have children but I have experience being around children and I enjoy so many different avenues of creativity she still encouraged me to jump back on that blogwagon.

So here I am!