Long Weekend- Lazy or Productive?

People relate to music, or I do. Some songs take me back to Jr High and school dances while others take to eating ice cream at Sonic on a summer night.
Well I am up early on this Saturday morning with a LONG list of projects and as I was brushing my teeth and taking my vitamins my alarm clock had this song come on...

And while I have heard this song before... it never resonated as so true than any other time than today! 

-chilling in my Snuggie... turn to MTV to teach me how to Dougie 

So unlike the dancing monkeys and Bruno... I will be doing a lot more than nothing... I am about to Dougie my way to making eggs and then I will be replacing my back door frame so that I can put up a storm door.

I will take some pictures while doing it, because while I think most projects will be simple I often complicate them! 

What song brings you back to your youth? Have you heard a song today that made you think, "That's ME!"?
What projects do you have planned this weekend, or are you learning how to Dougie?