Personally I do not strive to be adorable... I strive for stunning, gorgeous and breathtaking! However, for BitofByrd(BOB) adorable is great!

Especially since I have just jumped back onto the blogwagon; I am very excited.

A friend over at Diva-Living, Brittany, gave me this award. She is an awesome person, great mom, and a reliable friend. Can't ask for much more from a person... but on top of that she is frugal and savy to many things and loves animals too.

I very much encourage you to check out her site/sites. she has a few 

These are the two I regularly follow, but if you have interests in animal rescue or Dobermans. She is your women!

Meat and potatoes:
  1. I am not married, nor do I have children.
  2. I am not baby crazy, but always seem to be doing baby crafts (lots of people I know are baby crazy lol)
  3. There is a Cousin Cruise coming up July 2011! (I plan on sewing a few dresses-so watch for it)
  4. My house is never really clean of clutter because I am very busy all the time really hate cleaning.
  5. I have a membership to a gym that I have not been to in more than a month and my jeans are starting to remind me of that. lol
  6. My roommate in college my sophomore year is who interested me in blogging the first time around.
  7. I often wish I wouldn't have decommissioned that blog, but i saved all the entries and can still go back and laugh at how life was.
  8. Without spell check I would be lost and look like I have an elementary education level.
  9. I <3 LOST. Ya know... the TV series. I have watched all 6 seasons sooo many times on netflix and I still watch them
  10. There has not been cable or basic TV hooked up in my house ever... I have lived here 2 years this summer.

So who else do I think is worthy of an Adorable Award...

Second Chances By Susan is so creative and fun!

Also... I love Singing Three Little Birds!

So What do you guys do now...

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