About Byrd

So who is the Byrd? Well, the Byrd's the word right?

Well maybe not. My name is Teralyn and that is a mouthful for little sisters and most people in general. That means it often gets shortened to "T". This is fine by me and through the years has lead to many other nicknames you will see me use interchangeably. I am often called T-Byrd and that is how this blog got its name.

I am a single person who enjoys spending time with my family and friends. I do have the cutest dog ever. #Stacythelittledog and Stacy has a cat #Roxythegreycat.  I live in north Texas and while I wasn't born here I feel Texas is the place for me. I have a full time job that pays my bills and offers me challenges each day. Some relate to the job and some relate to life lessons in patience and keeping a positive attitude.

I initially started blogging in college at the insistence of my sophomore roommate. We would blog about anything from the weather to the shoes we wore. Looking back there was little substance in the quantity of blog posts we had but it worked for that season of my life.

I enjoy doing so many different types of projects and crafts that I wanted an avenue to connect with other creative people and to show the items that I created also. I also use my blog to share lessons I learn going through life. When you are going though life's experiences and it is your first time to buy a house, rent a car, or go on a cruise there are lessons learned in each area. Things you think, I wish I would have known. One of my goal is to help people know.

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