Dont do that anymore!

It is a new year. The holiday season flew by and life was busy and crafts went unfinished and my blog went unwrote for a while. Comments have gone unanswered.

No apologies. I have a life and you should to. But what type of life are you working for?

I am not a believer of resolutions made based on the fact that I need a new calendar from the Dollar Tree. I think when a person is ready to make a change to any part of their life they will. Even if that means it is 2:17pm on a Wednesday afternoon. Change can be made.

I havent spent much time thinking about the type of life I am working for. I am not particularly unhappy with life how it is.  Life isn't so bad that I have been willing to take changes and risks and make changes to make it better. It is kinda like the saying it is easier to stay in a job you know you hate than to work to find a new one that you know nothing about.

Perusing through all the FB posts about new years I saw a link a friend posted. I pinned it so I could find it later.

It is an interesting title and I think we have all related to that picture from time to time. So I went and checked it out.

When I read the list these are a few of the many that jumped out the page and smacked me in the forehead::

6. Stop trying to hold onto the past. – You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading your last one.

13. Stop getting involved in relationships for the wrong reasons. – Relationships must be chosen wisely.  It’s better to be alone than to be in bad company.  There’s no need to rush.  If something is meant to be, it will happen – in the right time, with the right person, and for the best reason. Fall in love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely.

29. Stop focusing on what you don’t want to happen. – Focus on what you do want to happen.  Positive thinking is at the forefront of every great success story.  If you awake every morning with the thought that something wonderful will happen in your life today, and you pay close attention, you’ll often find that you’re right.

I hope that these few items entice you to go read the full post if you haven't already gone over there to do so. It is insightful and it hits home.

So on to new chapters. Closing the old ones and focusing on what good can happen and not letting the fear of what bad might happen keep me back. 

On to having a great Sunday! Did you expect me to say 2012? Well 2012 happens to be starting with a Sunday... and thinking about trying to make the whole year great before 10 am is a little overwhelming. So I will start with today and when I choose to make each day the best I can; I believe that will lead to a great year on its own.