Like Lemons? Here is the Cake for you!

I love lemon. But I didnt realize how much I had been stocking up my pantry for this cake until I organized my pantry and found out how many boxes of lemon pudding and lemon cake mix had.

That's right, 6 boxes of lemon pudding alone! and I had 5 lemon cake mixes! So I decided to make a cake for mother's day and use my Nordic Ware Pan.

Anytime you are using a pan with details like this one I consider Baker's Joy a MUST. I love this stuff. It has flour in it so you get an easy release cake.

My Grandma got me a recipe book for Chirstmas several years ago and she put some of the favorites from her stash in it and this is one of them.

See how pretty the cake released from the pan! and I used a lollipop stick (and unused one) to poke holes.

I have a fancy zest tool, Easy Grip Citrus Zester in Yellow. For the glaze I use one large fresh lemon and I zest the whole thing and the juice is just about the 1/4 cup needed.

mmm... doesnt the glaze look yummy!

and then I just added the glaze by spooning it over. This cake is AMAZING the next day when the glaze has soaked in a bit.

TIP: Don't throw away that lemon. Cut it into quarters and put it down your disposal to freshen it up!

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