DIY Saturday | Blog Signature

I like having personal touches on my blog. I like seeing my favorite colors and topics and my favorite people. Like  so many other people when I see something I like... I often want it too!

When I was brand new, setting up my blog I saw a blog that had this really cute personal signature. And you could tell it wasn't a picture and it may or may not have been their own... but I wanted a signature that showed up by my "posted @... time"

So I emailed that person... on June 1st... and never got a response. I even emailed more than once... I am determined! But no avail. ::sad::

Yesterday in my blog reading I stumbled across Moms Who Blog and her post about a Signature.

So I immediately went over to My Live Signature and set it up. I did two.


The top is created with their stuff and I use that in my blog... but gmail doesnt support html signatures without installing stuff and so I actually wrote the second one using my mouse and that is my email signature.

In addition to using the My Live site I also used BetsShopBoy's post

His post told me how to add my signature to my blogspot template so it would auto show on all past and future posts... and it is in the spot I want!

Overall a great friday night.

I was going to delete the picture signature I had in all my old posts, but I decided not to... history of where I have been and how I did things before.

I have sooo many DIY posts in my head... so there will be one more today, it is going to be the glass rocks as seen on this week's WWW