Tweaking on a Friday Night

Not on drugs silly.... tweaking my HTML on my blog of course!

New things to look at....

My new button!

Bit of Byrd

I will have to go around and update my logo in a few different places.

My facebook page has been updated. Go look... and Like me. 

You did that right????

So I just got notified that I have more than 41 'likers'? NO? Well then go do it! You are missing out on my posts and other blogs that I find and pins. I dont post everything here... it would overwhelm you.

Then I also have a new signature!

you can see it in the bottom right. I will be posting about how I did that... because I saw someone with it... commented how much I liked it... emailed them and asked how they did it... and never heard back ::bah:: So I will share with you the signature secret.

I have soooo many posts I want to share... I need to make a list before I forget!

Oh and I changed my layout on Wednesday... did anyone besides Brittany notice the change?