Blogging Rewind

My sister, Apryl and I were discussing about blogs the other day. I am flattered to say she thinks my blog is well put together and has a focus. She said she thinks hers is just ramblings. She writes over at Apryl Can Talk.

I told her when I was in college I blogged, and it was often just mumbo jumbo about nothing. She laughed and said that made her feel better.

While my blog from college is decommissioned, before closing it I did save all the archives.

So today I decided to rewind and share a college post. Spelling errors and all. And what is even funnier... is I found a post that talks about a blog I set my sister up with way back when... talk about a rewind. I doubt she even remembers this.

Monday, August 02, 2004
Hot hot hot
So I set my sister up with a blog a while back but while she was out of town she wasn't allowed to get on the internet bc my grandpa was freaking out over something nothing really new there. But so she couldn't remember the sites and stuff she needed to go to update so now I have them all bookmarked for her in her own little file. she told me that my mom doesn't lie me adding stuff to the favorite. Get over it. At least all my stuff is sorted in files all under my name so it looks neat. She has like 50 items un categorized all loose and it drives me crazy. So I added her to my blog roll. I don't expect it will be the most interesting read ever but if you want to know who the new boy friend is or how junior high is now compared to how it was when you where there this would be the place to go. haha basically it will be like reading her diary and he conversations to her friends. GREAT! The site is called The Fire is Hot HOt HOT! and yes the caps is a progression thing and done on purpose I hope you picked up on that bc my sister did!posted by TL Cat at 10:53 AM|

Oh, goodness. Makes me laugh.... and I clicked on that link from my archives... and it still works! It was a short lived blog for only 3 posts the summer of 2004.  I hope it makes me sister smile like it made me.

I cant believe she is about to leave for college! Sometimes I wish I could rewind and have more time. But life happens in the now and I really wouldn't change a thing.