Finish it Friday| Cruisin' Cousin

I am actually up this early today! This is not a scheduled post. Crazy I know.

My sister is off to college today, so we are driving down there to get her moved into her dorm and to see what everything is all about. It will be my first time down to San Angelo. So let’s go!

Earlier in the week I posted my WWW post… and it was, as Brittany guessed, pictures from the cruise.

The one that makes me laugh is our attempted jumping picture. The guy who was taking the picture did not understand to hold the button down while we jumped. I had the camera on action mode and I would have been able to capture it… but no deal.

And then the random man picture... well that was the hairest man contest. He didnt even win but he was excited... and not that hairy might I had. But it did make for good entertainment.

I think I like a series of pictures better than one. Considering I will often take over 100-200 pictures in a few hours period of an event... a series is the new thing.

Tomorrow I will share with you an email I sent to Pinterest. lol