Oversized Valentine Felt Envelopes

Don't you love it when you see something and you think... psh... I can make something like that. I'll tell you a secret I receive the PB and PBKids catalog just to troll for things I like that I might be able to create myself. I do love their stuff. But they are often so pricey. This project is a great example.

$23 for one decoration or $10 for 3 similar decorations.... Bet you can guess which one stole my heart.

PB Kids had a cute heart chair backer in their catalog recently.

PotteryBarnKids Heart Chair Back


Isn't that cute?! $16 each plus $7 for customization cute? Yeah... I didn't think so either.

Then I saw on Pinterest:


Isnt that super cute and very similar? But I really didn't want to sew anything. Then I saw this pin:


Now we are talking! I choose this inspiration to do my Valentine Envelopes.

I started with the following Supplies:

♥ Large Felt Sheets {like legal size paper} found them at Hobby Lobby for 79 cents a sheet or something cheap like that ♥ Needle and Embroidery floss of a coordinating color ♥ Hot glue gun ♥ Ribbon or Rick Rac ♥ Rotary Cutter or Scissors to cut the felt ♥♥Optional: Plate to trace; Stickers

This is what the felt looks like raw.

Felt Materials


The red are the large size and the white I simple cute exactly in half. The piece you keep large will be your back and envelope flap. The piece you cut in half is your envelope front. I choose to have them not match.

Fold over base piece


I matched the bottom edges of the white and the red felt and then folded the red so it had that smmmmaalll tinny gap at the top of the envelope. Felt keeps the fold like a break so try to only fold once.

Use Plate to Create Flap


Then I placed my cutting mat under the red but on top of the white. {don't want to cute the white} and used a serving platter to create a rounded even edge. I used my rotary cutter to make the cute. I literally just cute around the plate. I didn't draw a line.

Envelope Flap


Presto Chango. I am left with a great circular edge. {Sorry my pictures are all wanky. I was trying new settings on my camera}

Glue Ribbon to Felt


Next, I glued my ribbon on the edge of the back fabric. I tried to have it hang over the edge halfway.

Why didn't I use rick rac? {Great question!} I couldnt find it at the price I was willing to pay. This ribbon was 2/$3 so I got pink and red.

Add Ribbon to Flap


Then I glued the ribbon to the flap of the envelope. Make sure you pinch it a few times going around the corner or the ribbon wont sit flat.

I also glued the top felt piece on with small dots in the corners.

Add Stictching


Using embroidery floss and my needle and I did wide stitches. This holds the front and back together even though we only did a few glue dots.

Velcro Dot Closure


I also glued a Velcro dot to the front of the envelope. This allows the envelope to stay closed. I did not glue the matching dot to the envelope flap. Only the scratchy part of the Velcro was used.

How did I make that little heart on the envelope flap? Like this...

Use Sticker to Emroider Heart


I picked where I wanted the shape to be and I used a sticker as my guide.

Embroidered Heart


And that is how it came out on the front. I made three envelopes and I change the hearts location for each one.

String to Hang from

I also used the embroidery floss to create a hanging thread on the back so they can hang off hooks.


Finished Felt Envelopes


There you have it. Three Valentine envelopes. All 3 cost me less than $10 to make. That is an affordable craft! I just sent these off to my god kids over in Arizona. You might know them... they are The Butterfly Mom's kids. I hope they love them!

And since they actually can open you could put love notes or small treats into them for the kiddos.