Pink Panther Cake | Wilton Cake Pan

I am a creature of habit, like most and I was a regular at a local restaurant and one of the wait staff was having a birthday.

She LOVED the Pink Panther... even enough to have a tattoo.

I just happened to own this Wilton Cake Pan:


I got it at a garage sale I found on Craigslist for $10. The pan is retired so you can no longer get it in stores but can often find it on Ebay at garage sales.


It is the 1982 version of the Pink Panther Pan. There have been other years and other versions. If you want to see what other shaped pans Wilton has currently and retired you can. {HERE}

My pan came with the instructions about how much cake batter and how long to cook it but Wilton is pretty great about providing them if lost. Example, here is a link to the Pink Panther instructions. {HERE}




I used regular butter cream frosting and I let it set up a bit. Then I used the smooth side of Viva Paper Towels to smooth the frosting and that allowed it to have the fondant look. There is a pin about that roaming around Pinterest... It does work. I tried it way before I found the pin and love it.

Everything on him is frosting, except the eyes. Those are upside down chocolate chips.

I bought several other cake pans at the same garage sale and haven't used all of them yet. But I LOVE the Wilton pans. Have you ever used one?