Minecraft Birthday Cake

This is the month of Birthday posts! If you want to know why.. go read about it here.

Today's post is fun cubed! No really... Minecraft is all about cubes and building things. Wikipedia has a whole Minecraft page.

I have a good friend, who now blogs over at Crazy as Normal, named Tracy. She owns some kids and one of them loves Minecraft. Tracy knows I am cake MASTER {and modest too} so I was given the honor and challenge of creating a Minecraft cake.

Luckily I had a friend make one a few months before so I tried to sponge some knowledge off her. She made her cake base from cupcakes and cute the sides to make them squared. She used chocolate cake and it looked like dirt.

Tracy's child HATES chocolate {crazy... I know} So I used vanilla.

But first... how did I make my little square cakes? Well you know those tins they sell at the craft store or the dollar store that are for gift giving.

Square Tins

I baked my cakes in those. They are perfect squares 2.5 x 2.5 inches approximately. I did some research and some people where against it. Some lined their tins. Some said they have done it a million years. I tried it. Everyone Lived.

After I baked them all I arranged them on a board. It was two cake boards that I duck taped together and then covered with cake paper.

Bare Cakes


I ended up with an odd number of cakes but I didn't want cake laying around my house so all the squares were used. A more OCD person would have just left off the four odd ones.

To decorate it I used my wilton #233 grass tip for my piping bag and frosting I colored green. For the water I used Wilton Cookie Blue Frosting. I also made a few "sand" blocks from rice cereal treats. I just bought a box of them from the $Tree and mashed 3 cereal blocks together to make the size I needed.

Now I had all the blocks baked. Cooled. Assembled. Decorated.

Cake Blocks decorated


But it needed the details that would make it Minecraft.

So I did some searching and I found a way to make this cool little sign that is printable and editable. I used this blank sign:

Blank Minecraft Sign


and the directions from Trebory6 {find them here} allow you to create room signs or large customizable signs. He also makes reference to the Minecraft font. This is the font I downloaded and used on my mini sign using a photo editing program. {find the font here}

This is how my little sign turned out:



I cute the black off and I was all set. I glued a tooth pick onto it and that allowed me to stick it into the "sand"

But my favorite part of the cake is the Creeper. Minecraftwiki can tell you all about him if you don't recognize or know about him. {I know nothing about him... I just think he is cute}

Here he is on my cake:

Creeper Birthday Minesweeper


I, in no way, came up with that design. I found it and LOVE it. I found the printable over at fps x-games. {Click here to see the post} The post allows you to download a printable that you cut out, fold and glue into any of the following characters: Steve, Creeper, Pig, Cow, Zombie, or Spider.

I used hot glue to put it together so the tabs stuck instantly. I also glues a toothpick between the front and back feet so he could stand in the "sand".

Put it all together... and you have a Minecraft cake!

Minesweeper cake


The party was at a bowling alley and when I walked in with the cake a boy of about 9 ran up to me and was so excited. He asked me if it was a Minecraft cake and told me the Creeper looked awesome. Made me feel pretty good about it.


Kennis... the birthday girl... had Sponge Bob join the Creeper in the sand and seemed happy with the outcome.

If you have ever made anything like this I would love to hear how it turned out! You could also share the picture with me on my facebook page.