It is my Birthday Month!

That's Me! When I was three!

{do you see what I just did... rhyming... complex skill... true story}


I am excited to tell you that February is my birthday month! My Birthday is actually today.. but I was scheduled to be born on 2/29 so let's just celebrate ALL month!

What does that mean for you? {great question!}

Birthday Posts!

I know you are super excited! I am too.

Posts to be looking for this month include a show and tell of custom birthday cakes and cupcakes I have made in the past. These are not going to be tutorial style... just show and tell.

Also be looking forward to some themes! Blues Clues, Mickey Mouse, and Minecraft to name a few!

If you don't know what I mean by themes go check out my Sesame Street Theme posts and you will get an idea of what to expect.

Have a fantastic Friday and whoo hoo for February!