17 Faces Found!

I posted a puzzle I found on FB during the wee hours of the morning the other day.

The challenge was how many faces can you find in the picture below:


My sister and I went back and forth and I found 17. She called me crazy... so here is where I found them...

10 Faces



Here are where I found the basic 10 that it seemed like most people were able to find with little trouble.

Five More Faces Found



Then I found these five faces. Besides that weird wrinkly baby face it was mostly extension of chins and a different mouth... still a new face!

Two More Faces Found!




These two are more of a stretch but I can clearly see the chin, mouth, nose and eyes...


So there you have it. That is where I found my 17 faces. Can you see them all now That I have   highlighted them or do you think it was sleep deprivation making me see things?