Super Why Cupcakes and Smash Cake

When my niece turned two the theme was Super Why. You know Super Why right? Yeah I didn't either, no worries.

Super Why is a show on PBS that is about a group of kids who have alter egos that are super when it comes to reading, the alphabet, math and problem solving.

Super Why Computer

To solve problems they often use a super computer that is almost like a PDA and it looks like the picture above.

I was asked to make the cake. I didn't plan anything else but if you are panning a Super Why Birthday PBS has a whole page of awesome printables and game ideas. {Here}

I made cupcakes with ?? toppers, I used air heads to create the ??s.

Super Why Cupcakes


Super Why Cupcakes 2

After my niece figured out what to do with the smash cake she ate a corner of it.

Super Why Smash Cake

The color in the picture is better there... you can tell it is red and not orange. All the details made on top of the smash cake were also made with air head candy. I baked it in a loaf pan to get the right starting shape.

Thought it turned out pretty well.