Thankful Thursday- Big Savings

Today I am thankful that sales and my party planning worked together and I was able to save so much money!

This receipt comes from Joann. The normal question when a person saves so much is how much did you spend. 

I spent $63.89.

How did I do it? I bought things on sale and I used a coupon Joann emailed me for signing up to be on their mailing list. They then call you a preferred customer. Its great. Sounds simple... it's because it is.
Other things to know about Joann... they take digital coupons from your phone. The coupon does not need to be printed. They also honor coupons from competitors (even digital ones). You can use a Joann coupon and competitor coupon in the same transaction.

So what did I buy for $63 and save $157?

I am hosting an Eyes Cream Party this weekend. I will be showcasing new eye color combinations and serving ice cream (stay tuned for a Ice Cream Party post soon)
All the summer inspirations label was 60% off, the patterns were on sale for $1.99 and the cutting supplies were also 60% off. So everything I bought was on sale. (note: that tea cup is my centerpiece not a purchase)

If you plan on throwing an ice cream theme party this would be the time to scout out the supplies. I will be sharing my ice cream inspiration and ideas soon with pictures from this weekend.

It is great to remember the little things in life that make you happy more regularly than only in November!

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Have you thrown an ice cream party before? Do you have any tips to give before this weekend?