Summer is Here

My sister's graduation is over. I cried of course. My grandparents leave today. I am so glad I was able to have the adventure of them staying with me.
I have also joined a summer softball league. I am hoping that helps me make friends and get some exercise and have some fun. I have little doubts that all of these will occur. 

Here in TX it is already in the 100s each day and so being that it is so hot... who wants to stand around in a kitchen slaving away?

But what if you didnt have to do it everyday, but you planned it for one day?

Over at A Turtle's Life for Me she talks about freezer meals and planning ahead.

you should go read about it!

and because of the large response she posted and FAQ about it too

Well I am off to start my day... well off to wake the grandparents so they can start it with me