A Q what?

A QR code!

I did a quick Google search (dont you love Google!)  for "creating a phone scan code" and in Google's ultimate knowledge it knew exactly what i was talking about and I found this site:

Considering I am an Independent Mary Kay Consultant I am always trying to think of ways to market myself and make people aware that I have a business and bring people to my website to see the product.

I dont feel that I really sell the product, but more show it off and people want it and buy it.
if you want it and buy it ... you can shop with me here!

Back on track...

I was watching How's it Made the other day and I just love that show. It always gets me thinking and amazes me. But the following day I was reading the paper and I saw an article about how a local high school printed QR codes in their yearbook. The code linked up to a site to watch school videos and slide shows. Next year they plan on selling them as part of their senior section so parents can include home videos or video messages.

The yearbook staff printed shirts up with a QR code that directed students to the yearbook website. Since my mind was already spinning from Hows it Made I thought... I need that!

try it!

So what do you think? I think on a business card it might be handy. Did you know a QR code can also be set up with a phone number?! So you could Scan it to call me!

Do you have a business? What ways do you promote your business?

I made the above code using this website BeQRious