Selling myself, I mean my blog

Well... not in the literal sense of for money or even myself really... but my blog.

When you write a blog you are in essence putting yourself out there. And while it is great to have an elevator story (quick blurb about your blog) you also need to have interesting stuff to read about.

This is usually where I get caught. lol. I am not a fabulous writer by any means, and spell check saves my life and I have to proof read three of four times and catch stuff each time... but I enjoy being part of the bloggy world.

As I am tying this I found a fortune I had saved from a cookie long gone. It says:
You have the makings of a leader, not a follower

I have been blog hopping from one place to another and it seems most have the same ideas on how to promote your blog.
  • Twitter something I am just getting back into Follow Me
  • Facebook my preference
  • Blogging Community just joined one myself SITSgirls
  • Blog Hop I participate in Thankful Thursday... you can too
  • Commenting on other's blogs and being an active blogger in general
What are some other idea that you have that you use to promote a single blog entry over your entire blog?