Over at SITSgirls today I was reading about linking to other blogs. 

I often link to where I found ideas, or where I read info. But I would be lying if i said that I remembered right away where all the information comes from. That is where I end up spending a lot of time googling to find the link again.

Well I found a website to help me with that.

That link actually takes you straight to my boards. Boards are created and customized by you. My boards are blog inspiration, blogs I love, and circus party.

While the blogs I love are also linked here I figure many people over at Pintrest may not come to my blog to see all the blogs I like so why not link it up there too.

If you have an overflowing bookmark folder on your computer or have ever been away from home and wanted to make a note you liked something you might want to check them out.

How do you keep track of your blogging inspiration?