Putting the oven to work

The week before Thanksgiving last year my oven element went out. Most would panic... I saw it as a golden oppertunity. For what, you say?

To not replace a $50 part... but to go all out and get a DOUBLE OVEN! Thats right... it is amazing!
I love this oven. I dont cook much so I have not used all the features found on the stove-top... but I often put that double oven to work.

I am all about having one thing baking while another thing is being prepared and then being able to put that second thing right in and not having to wait for the first one to come out

So what did I make today? There is a pot luck at work tomorrow and we are doing a barbque theme..

So I used my Cake mix book and whipped up a Watermelon cake. I used watermelon from the freezer to puree it and make a watermelon liquid to replace the water in the recipe. Then I used a recipe I found on All Recipes to make Ice Cream melt cones. 
These look awesome... and it is the moistest cake Ive had in a long time.

 I used a pineapple supreme mix, because that is what I had around the house. And Dryers Oreo ice cream... sooo good. And it just looks too cute hanging off the edge like a drip. Not sure how I will frost them yet.

Oh, and those cute color cones were store brand from Tom Thumb

These are going to be a great summer treat. But the watermelon cake is a regular favorite. I will add pictures soon.

Reciepe to the Ice Cream Cake Cones:
Box of cake mix
3 lg eggs
1 cp water
2 cups melted ice cream

put in cups or cone. Cones only fill about half full... I filled mine to the flat part when you are looking at the empty and they overflowed (but I think the drippy looks cute!)

bake @ 350 I did 15 minutes but then I think I ended up letting it cook almost another 20 minutes! (in 7 minute increments) Just bake it until a toothpick is clean or it is spongy on top