Time Travel

Every Saturday cant be a DIY day, just like everyday of a blog cant only be a theme. And I love a good theme. That is true in writing...and party planning.

I think a theme should be carried through from invite to thank you note. But if the theme doesnt reflect the person or the event than you learn nothing about them and everything is a loss.

I thought of this today when trying to decide what DIY to post. I have several, many some completed, many not...true DIY style. It then occured to me if I only post DIYs or theme days... you learn very little about me. 

I agree a person can share too much but personal interest and attachment is what keeps me interested in reading the blogs I check into. I like reading about the crafts they do and the pictures are fantastic. But I also like reading about the places they travel to and how they spend time with their family.

It makes them real. 

I am real too. 

Time travel uh.... below are 5 things that take me back to another time in my life. 
  • the scent of honey suckle
  • collecting aluminum cans for recycling
  • squeezing two people into a one person chair
  • ice skating
  • sitting on a small piece of grass surrounded by fake flowers
these things take me back to different places with different people. Some places are happy, some places make me miss the people I look back on. The last allows me to keep everything in perspective and recognize that  life is precious and you have to take time for those you care about... because sometimes that opportunity to "call you back when i'm not busy" never comes.

I challenge you today to take a moment and think of 5 things that time travel you back. Why are those things important to you. What makes those things special?

Have a wonderful day in your time travels.