Thankful Thursday

My Bestest and yes I know that isn't a real word ;-) Diva friend Brittany over at Ramblings of a Diva and I are going to have a Thursday BlogHop where we write about something you are thankful for. 


It is great to remember the little things in life that make you happy more regularly than only in November!

Each week write a post on something you are thankful for (and why) and then check the posts of your fellow blog hop members to comment on and share their posts as well. Need inspiration? Check out Brittany's post last week Thankful Thursday post.

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I am thankful for my Sister. She is over at Feed your Interest. I remember when she was born and yet this weekend she is graduating High School. People say it will make you feel old.... not quite... I am proud of her and very much look forward to what she will do with her creativity and talent with anything she puts her hand to. 
Love you sister.