QR Code Update

I previously posted about a QR Code... read here... and a commenter...Malena recommended a few pages to improve my QR Code's attractiveness.

I went to the websites. I did a few more googles and then I started photo shopping. I just wasnt happy with the limited options the different websites were giving me.

Are you lost yet? Well a QR Code is the weird box that you see all over now (I saw it at Old Navy today to enter a sweepstakes) You scan the code with your cell phone and it takes you to a site.

It is considered pretty new technology and so there are bugs that different marketing companies are working out... like having mobile friendly links in regards to length and view-ability of the page the scan takes you to.

Based on some of the things I learned I opted to not go with a pink code because codes read better light background/ dark foreground. But I did make multiple lip prints to get one I was happy with and figured out where it could sit and still whisk me away to my desired website.

So here is the new improved QR Scan Code... what do you think?

I think the edges could be more rounded but my photo shop didnt like that and I didnt find a website that did it.

looking at it now.. it doesnt look much newer or improved. that sadens me since i know how long it really took to make such a small change. smh 
btw I think the code I found to be able to define my jargon... is amazing!

I found it here through a quick google search of html definition hover 

what was the last thing you googled for?