Happy Sundae! Part 1

okay okay... I know it is monday. But who doesn't love Sundaes!

On Sunday I threw an Ice Eyes Cream Party. I have split this blog into two parts. Today will be about the actual food and the Ice Cream part of the event and tomorrow I will share how the Eye Cream Party mixes in and how I made the two events cohesive.

The first thing to be aware of when planning any theme event... is shop around and find some deals! Planning events ahead of time really helps! Remember my Big Savings Thankful Thursday, that shopping was for this event!

You can see my theme color was pink.♥   As a general rule in decorating you want to try and have odd numbers. So I tried to have sets of similar items.

What makes and ice cream party? the sprinkles and the syrups!

I was pleasantly suprised by how little I needed to make the tray look full and to have it still be functional with out a lot of excess. 

Less Than 2 oz!
I shop at Aldi from time to time when I dont have my coupon book up to date or I just need an item right away and dont have a coupon. At Aldi they sell containers of sprinkles for around $2-$3! That might sound like a lot but sprinkles are usually expensive because they are so loved. I had a rainbow and a chocolate set that I pulled from to make my tray.

Everything set on my bar nicely. The few things pictures here that were not purchased from Joann inclue the ice cream scoops and the pink spoons on the far right in the sundae dishes. Those items came from Party City. The scoops were 99¢ each and the spoons were 99¢ for a pack of 25.

I also made this really cute balloon cone.

I got the idea from Living Locurto's blog about imagine this Ice Cream Party Ideas. I had intended on stringing them up or putting them on strings like their's but making that cone was hard! So only one. and that little cookie cutter was keeping him from rolling off the mantle. lol

The ice cream I served was Vanilla, Chocolate, the rainbow sherbet. I encouraged people to bring their own if they wanted. No one did, and no one needed to there was plenty.

The toppings I had included:
  • mini marshmallows
  • chopped pecans
  • chocolate chips
  • chocolate sprinkles
  • rainbow  non-pareils
  • candy covered chocolate drops
  • chocolate paradise crunch
  • Carmal Syrup
  • Chocolate Sryup
  • Strawberry Sryup
  • Butterscotch Syrup
I bought Smuckers because it was on sale and I had a coupon... but let me tell you I love this no mess bottle. It really did stop it from dripping and the cap is not sticky!

There were more things I wanted to do. And if the event were larger I may have. But for the amount of people that came over it was perfect.

Come back tomorrow to find out how the Ice Cream Party became and Eyes Cream Party