DIY Saturday- Artwork

I know this morning's post about time travel said that everyday doesn't need to be a theme... but come-on... it is DIY Saturday!

Collage Art!
I love having art in my house... but art is expensive. Today I'll explain how easy it was to make this collage. It is a focal point in my home above a fireplace and it gets many compliments.

  • Art print or poster. it can be anything, doesnt have to be floral. I found mine at a Hobby Lobby on sale
  • Frames by using frames that are the same color it adds cohesion to the collage. Day after thanksgiving is a great time to get frames. I got a few sets of 11 frames for $11. it had 5 sizes. I only used 4 sizes for my collage. I got them at Walmart...midnight madness.
    • 8X10
    • 5X7
    • 4X6
    • 3.5X5
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Nails and Hammer for picture hanging
Use caution when doing this project. You may choose to use gloves. The glass in the frames is SHARP!

1.     Get a print. Lay it out. Study what areas you are interesting in highlighting.
note: this is not the print pictured above my fireplace

2.     Take your frames apart. Setting aside the frame and carefully setting the glass on the print. save the picture perfect family photos that were in the frames to be used on another step

3.     Move the glass over the areas you would like to highlight. Be careful. the glass can cut you AND it can leave scraps in the print.

4.     Trace around your grass with a pen. Make sure you hold the glass securely down so it will not move. I used a permanent marker to this. You will not see the lines when you are done.

5.    Once traced, put your glass carefully back into the frame. Cut out your traced images. Put them back in your frames. 

6.     Get your picture perfect family back out. Use these inserts to decide where on the wall you want your art to hang. Take in mind the insert does not have the frame width. I taped the inserts into the wall and then I put finishing nails or hanging nails straight through the paper.

I dont have a picture of this step because I did it more than a two years ago.

I did end up having to move one frame after it was done to fill a gap, but overall it worked very well. 

If you decide to do this craft. Please let me know. I would love to see it and how it turned out!

Now maybe you dont have frames, you dont like all my bold cautions or you cant really find a print you like.

Via pintrest (a great site to store your online inspiration!) I saw a pin for shoe box art. I went through a few pins to get to the source (pet peave: always pin back to the source not a link to the source)
I found Spunky Junky! I am already in love with this blog and the creativity over there. you have to check it out!

 This was a very low cost project with no bold glass warnings and it looks fabulous!
tip: if you dont have shoe box lids... stop into a Payless ShoeSource... they throw them away all the time. Being Green never looked so cute!

Now maybe you are thinking... those are great!  but i'm not crafty :-(
Then go over to Ramble Ramble to check out a great post: 

6 Ways to Start An Art Collection Without Breaking the Bank

if you are looking for professional art and don't know where to start [giggle that rhymes] start there! the tips are practical and ones I wouldn't have considered.

Happy Saturday Everyone. 

What are you planning on DIYing today?

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