Happy Sundae! Part 2

mmmm Sundae toppings. They are the extra touch that makes the ice cream sparkle. They give it color and make it beautiful!

Yesterday I posted Happy Sundae! Part 1. Essentially tips on how I threw an Ice Eyes Cream Party. That post really focused on the food portion of my event. But there was so much more to it.

Eye color tray

My Eyes Cream Party was a way that I showcased the new summer products. ** 
Does the tray look familiar? It is the same type I used for toppings. Eye color and toppings serve the same purpose. To make your eyes sparkle and to add color and to enhance your beauty. 

This is what my main MK table looked like

You can see that I have the balloon cone ice cream highlighted yesterday in this area. I also have the eye color tray front and center with the coordinating page of the catalog open in front of it.

Going from left to right, I then displayed the current bundle, again with its corresponding page.

Next I display the actual colors, with a key that shows you the name and the location of each color. I think this is important since the ink in a book cant capture sparkle and tone very well.

I then showcased the limited edition items. I did this, again, by showing the corresponding page in the catalog and making them pretty.

Small details you may have missed along the way... The color scheme stayed fluent through all areas. The bowl that I served ice cream in, is also the holder for eye liner samples. There are ice creams on the outside of the eye color tray in the corners and there is one on the vase ribbon right above.

These small details allow everything to be connected.

I also had a table where everyone sat to look at put on their eye make up. How did I bring in ice cream into this area? 

With a fun, fitting center piece of course!

I used one of the sundae glasses to hold the pens. Another element pulling the pieces together.

All together, the Eyes Cream Party was a success. The house felt fun, and put together just like the ladies looked when they left. We also ate ice cream! lol

Here is a large view of both areas, so you can see how close they were and how important it was they flow

If you are curious about the art over the fireplace you can read the DIY-artwork for info. And there will be a post soon about the "We're all MAD here"

And as people walked out, they were able to get a catalog...
from the Dresser! looks so good!

So that is how I put together my Eyes Cream Party. I am going to send out some questionnaire cards to get feed back from those who came for improvement. I am looking forward to that feed back on how to improve!

but for now...

the ice cream is all gone!

Legal Disclaimer:
**In no way is this post an advertisement for Mary Kay, Inc. or any of their products, nor is it endorsed by Mary Kay, Inc. The goal and purpose of this post is to share my ideas on how I presented products. 
However, if you do want to shop me online: you can do it here.